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DEADLINE EXTENDED! April 30  , 2016


In 2016 the Franklin Luminaire Awards inaugurates a new award of distinction – the Innovation Excellence Award.  The Innovation Excellence Award is granted to a company or individual in graphic communications that is pioneering, pacesetting, and advancing new technologies.  Each generation of our industry has developed or adopted new technology and we seek to recognize our innovators moving us into the future.

Selection Criteria
The nominee must be a company or individual within the graphic communications and media industries who has demonstrated in a clear and convincing way, an innovative technology or implementation of a product or service in content creation, production, and distribution that is first-of-its-kind and in use for twelve (12) months or more. Here are examples:

Media Production Workflow: Innovative use of technology for creating efficiencies in the media supply chain by speeding information to partners, applying standardization through the application of industry specifications and guidelines, or reducing processes or steps in the production workflow.

Orchestrated Content: Innovative use of technology for seamless graphic communication across media in direct marketing, retail, packaging, publishing, commercial, and other segments of the graphic communications industry.

To Nominate
Provide a 100-word explanation that outlines the innovation or technology, why it is unique, and how (and when) being utilized. For more information or questions contact:

Timothy Freeman

David Steinhardt



About the Innovation Excellence Award

The Innovator Excellence Award will be presented at the Franklin Luminaire Awards Program on October 19, 2016 at The Lighthouse, Chelsea Piers, New York City, before an expected audience of more than 400 media professionals.  The Award Honoree will be announced initially in a press release and be prominent in all event publicity.

The recipient will be selected by a group of nine (9) technology partners and users from a select committee of industry experts from Idealliance and PIAlliance.  Award nominees are not required to be members of either Idealliance or PIAlliance, but are required to attend the Franklin Luminaire Awards event to receive their Innovation Excellence Award.