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The John Peter Zenger “Community Service” Medal is awarded to an individual employed in the graphic communications industry who has exhibited exemplary character in the form of selfless courage, charity, activism, philanthropy or military service. These Individuals...

  • Inspire us to be more than we are.
  • Make our community a better place to live.
  • Serve our country in ways that make us proud.

Selection Criteria
The Award is not based on business position or title and is meant to recognize an employee at any level of the industry. Nominations could include a press operator who serves as a volunteer firefighter, an account executive who leads a charity organization, or a CEO who shows significant dedication to community service.

The nominee must be an individual employed within the graphic communication industry who has demonstrated, in a clear and convincing way, personal character in one or more attributes associated with the medal:

Service: For service to the citizens of a community or the nation in the form of distinguished military or community service

Courage: For individual exceptional acts of courage, valor or heroism.

Charity: For exceptional financial, volunteer and/or in-kind work directly benefiting those in need or charitable organization.

Activism: For exceptional conviction to and action advancing a political, commercial, environmental cause, resulting in a change in the public discourse surrounding that cause.

To Nominate
Complete the form below by June 30, 2016 with a 100-word explanation of your nominee for the John Peter Zenger Medal. For more information or questions contact:

Timothy Freeman

David Steinhardt


John Peter Zenger Community Service Medal

The recipient will be selected by the Franklin Luminaire Committee and be given his/her award in person at the Franklin Luminaire Awards Program on October 19, 2016 at The Lighthouse, Chelsea Piers, in New York City, before an expected audience of more than 400 graphic professionals. His/her name will be announced initially in a press release and be prominently noted in all pre and post-event publicity.

The Award is named for John Peter Zenger, an influential printer in American history. Zenger was a New York City-based printer whose arrest, imprisonment, trial, and acquittal in 1735 laid the foundation for freedom of the press in Colonial America. The Award is inscribed in Latin, Non numinis, virtue parator. Translated, this means, “Not by money, but by virtue gained.”

A $1,000 contribution will be made to the 2015 Zenger honoree’s charity of choice on behalf of Idealliance and PIAlliance, co-sponsors of the Franklin Luminaire Awards.


2015: Angeline Killane-Sims, HighRoad Press (Moonachie, NJ)  

2013: Kenneth Heath, Source Media (New York, NY)

2012: Dwight Vicks, III, Vicks (Utica, NY)

2011: Kelly Erickson, Sawtooth Group (Woodbridge, NJ)

2010: Kiritin Beyer, Photographer (New York, NY)

2009: Stephen R. Whittaker, Monroe Litho, Inc. (Rochester, NY)

2008: Fredrick K. Moss,  Galvanic Printing (Galvanic, NJ)

2007: Betty Maul, FrontEnd Graphics, Inc. (Cherry Hill, NJ)