January/February 2011 Bulletin Articles

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January/February 2011

Building and Managing a Cross Media Workflow David L. Zwang Cross media publishing is no longer an option; it is a fact of life. So it is important to prepare an optimized workflow that can be used across all media.
Digital Production Printing Here and Now Dr. Abhay Sharma Digital production printing is now a well-established print technology, sometimes complementing and oft enrivaling off set printing.
Managing Color Across Multiple Media Christian Schowalter With centralized color management, users can match color results of their digital press to conventional printing processes while achieving ink stability.
Print: A Great Investment for Developing Customers’ Economic Performance Sid Chadwick Customers want partners who can provide support on how to effectivelyuse print—sometimes with other media—to improve economic performance.
Are Your Sales Efforts Like Popcorn? Dave Kahle Like kernels of popcorn, many businesses frantically chase lots of good ideas hoping that one will be the answer to the marketing problems.
Hiring/Retraining for Cross Media Myrna Penny Now is the time for printers to select technological innovations that will benefit their company most and then bring staff on board to drive those innovations.
Focus on Education: University of Wisconsin-Stout Rachael Moore and Pete Schlosser The graphics program at UW-Stout prepares graduates to be leaders who can deal with graphics, workflows, business issues and production efficiency.