January/February 2012 Bulletin Articles

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January/February 2012

Press Metrics in the 21st Century John Seymour There has been a gradual shift away from easy-to-measure press metrics that show how the press works and toward press metrics that are meaningful to the customer and relate to how the printed sheet looks.
Packaging Color Quality Control Helps Shop-Vac Portray Its Brand Matthew Gryczan After launching a program that uses data supplied by color measurement instruments from X-Rite Inc., Shop-Vac sees nothing but “Shop-Vac Red.”
Meeting Customers’ Color Expectations Eric Stohry Hallmark’s customers just want a good print reproduction that meets their expectations.
Measurement in the 21st Century Ray Cheydleur In the latest digital presses, we are witnessing a move from inline densitometers to an increasing use of inline spectrophotometers.
Controlling Print Using Colorimetry Danny C. Rich, Ph.D., Ray Cheydleur, and Greg Imhoff This white paper demonstrates how modern colorimetry can be used to supplement or replace historical densitometry in setting the aims and tolerances for the reproduction of graphic images.
Standards Guide Print into the 21st Century Lawrence Warter Printing has evolved from the craft -based industry of the last century to becoming a completely definable process ready for this new century.
Large and Grand Format: We Are What We Produce Mike Ruff As we consider what the future holds for wide- and grand-format inkjet technology, we first need to understand that the overlooked signage and display markets are our primary customers.
Welcome to Premedia 2.0 Joe Cha A premedia services provider can help customers improve on a basic digital replica because the premedia department holds the key: the files.