May/June 2011 Bulletin Articles

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May/June 2011

Take Back Control of Your Digital Future Mike Haney Can publishers have a place in this future? Absolutely.
Delivering A Unique iPad Experience Soujanya Bhumkar Cooliris maximizes story-telling on the iPad.
Tablets: A Game-Changer for Publishers Stefan Horst Tablets represent an important new chapter in digital publishing.
An iPad Newspaper for People Who Don’t Read Newspapers Chuck Lenatti The Orange County Register’s iPad app is designed for people who don’t read in print.
New Platform Means New Opportunities and Challenges — for Magazines Terri Pagan and Don Rau The iPad will require a different approach from print publishing.
The Digital Tablet Revolution, Enterprise Edition PG Bartlett The key to customer engagement will be to take full advantage of the unique properties of digital devices.
Digital Strategies for Print Publishers Jill Baker We explore basic and affordable digital publishing strategies, starting with digital editions.
Paper is the Fifth Color—The Impact of Paper on Color Management Ray Cheydleur The choice of paper is critical for designers and is often a fundamental part of the design.
Monitors for Proofing Standards and Advancements Thomas Gadbois Although the technology is mature, LCD displays have changed over the past five years.
Elevating Consumer Engagement Through More Personalized Direct Marketing Tim Hendricks The key to a successful program that begins with direct marketing and results in greater consumer engagement is personalization.
Think Different Ken Cooper Creative thinking isn’t just the domain of designers. It’s essential for everyone from top management to the pressroom.