November/December 2010 Bulletin Articles

Issue Date Title Author(s) Synopsis


Fourth Quarter 2010

Deliver on the Promise of Cross Media Jeffrey Stewart The ability to help clients transition to more engaging, customized, personalized marketing across all media may determine a company’ s future.

Simple Rules for using QR Codes
John Parsons The idea of extending one’ s brand message from print, outdoor or TV into mobile devices has captured the imagination of marketing professionals.
Color Management Through Measurement Raymond Cheydleur Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it.

Managing Digital Images In Production Workflows
Dianne Kennedy Developing standards and best practices for managing digital images in production workflows is critical in today’s ever-changing industry.
Creating Print Demand & Economic Well-Being Sid Chadwick Our main focus should be to improve our customers’ economic well-being—that’ s the only reason we have to exist as an industry or as a company.
ASN: Creating Efficiencies for Newsstand Shipping Ted Uhlman The intended benefit from the Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) Phase I implementation is that wholesalers can cut costs and reduce handling time.
IDEAlliance G7 Master and G7 Expert Programs Joe Fazzi IDEAlliance has expanded its international presence and has reached some significant milestones in G7® Master and G7 Expert programs.
Substrate Correction in ISO 12647-2: Abstract Robert Chung and Quanhui Tian ISO/TC130 is embracing substrate-corrected aims for gray reproduction. It’s time ISO 12647-2 adopts substrate correction to the rest of the standards.