September/October 2011 Bulletin Articles

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September/October 2011

One Size Fits All? Not in Multichannel Publishing Joseph Bachana In multichannel publishing, no single technology fits all vertical market applications.
Financial Times Vacates iPad Store in Pursuit of Multichannel Efficiency Chuck Lenatti and Ivan Mironchuk Financial Times was working on a browser-based app months before it pulled out of the App Store.
Reader's Digest, the iPad and the Revival of Curation Chuck Lenatti Perhaps no digital platform has suited Readers Digest quite as well as the Apple iPad.
Used Wisely, Multichannel Publishing Adds Value to Existing Content Brett Kizner Print publishers can leverage current assets and staff to develop new channels and maintain old ones.
Managing Digital Assets in the Cloud David MacLaren Publishers need to be agile and adept at storing, organizing, accessing, formatting and distributing content.
Extreme Publishing Calls for Extreme Management Suzanne Mescan Electronic delivery options are numerous and growing every year.
Atex Multichannel Content and Customer Solutions Peter G. Marsh Media companies need a unified technology platform.
Meredith Extends Its Brand with Multichannel Publishing Penny Sullivan Meredith has aggressively expanded its digital editions on tablets.
Cross-media Publishing Production: Here We Go Again David Zwang With tablet and mobile application design and production, very familiar issues are rising to the surface.
Behind the Digital Mobile Production Magic Jill Baker The production process for digital and mobile conversion is not too different from print.
IDEAlliance and the Future of Multichannel Publishing Dianne Kennedy Q&A