CMP Fundamentals Exam-Only / Recertification

CMP Fundamentals is the first course in the complete CMP education and certification program. Those already knowledgeable in the fundamentals of color management may opt for this exam-only option to achieve CMP certification.

The CMP-Fundamentals exam consists of eighty questions selected from a randomly mixed question “pool” so no two exams are alike. Students who answer 80% of the questions correctly will be recognized as CMP Professionals!
If you do not achieve a minimum score on this challenging exam, we recommend registering for the complete CMP Fundamentals course! (The cost of the exam will be credited toward the purchase of the CMP-Fundamentals course. To obtain your credit, call (703) 837-1093 or email Nanette Nathan.
  • Enrollments are non-transferrable between students
  • To maintain certification you must successfully complete the recertification training every two (2) years.