eMediaPro Schedule

The eMedia Professional Certification Program is comprised of pre-recorded sessions, organized in four distinct “Blocks” of study.  Sessions are taught by a well-respected expert. User case studies and vendor panels supplement the more theoretical class subjects. Exams for each block are taken online.


Introduction to eMedia Publishing

Kickoff Session
Publishing Models; Traditional and eMedia: an Integrated Approach
Output Options: Mastering and Balancing the Media Channels
The Impact of the iPad and Tablet Delivery Platforms
The Publishing Asset Lifecycle: Making Wise eMedia Business Decisions
Disruptive Influences: eMedia Workflows’ Impact on Organizational Structure and Partner Relationships
Enabling Technologies: An Overview of Content Management, Search, Digital Asset Management and Rights Management

Information Technologies for eMedia Publishing

Kickoff Session
Introduction: Key Content Concepts and Terminology
eMedia Standards and Specifications
Controlled Vocabularies, Taxonomies and Ontologies
Emerging Technologies for Tablet Publishing
What Content Creators Need to Know
eMedia Publishing Case Studies
iPad Editions Case Studies

Harnessing the Power of XML

Kickoff Session
Introduction to XML and Related Specifications
XML Under the Hood: What Everyone Should Know
Which XML Workflow Really Works?
Introduction to XML for eReaders
XML Publishing Case Studies
XML Publishing Case Studies

Managing Content and Assets

Kickoff Session
Getting Started with DAM
The Challenges of Digital Rights Management
Digital Asset Management Technologies
Integrating DAM and Content Management
DAM Case Studies