JDF Expert Certification

The objective of the JDF Expert Certificate training program is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the JDF (Job Definition Format) process. The program is comprised of 15 separate training modules that address specific topics associated with JDF technology. The program concludes with a final examination for those individuals interested in earning a JDF Expert Certificate.

Who should Take this Training?

The JDF Expert Certificate training program is specifically designed for those persons leading their company's efforts to implement JDF based automated processes and CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) into their operations. This includes chief information officers (CIO), chief technology officers (CTO), and lead systems and technical professionals at printing, prepress, and publishing companies around the world.

What is JDF?

JDF is a comprehensive XML-based file format and proposed industry standard for end-to-end job ticket specifications, combined with a message description standard and message interchange protocol. JDF is designed to streamline information exchange between different applications and systems. JDF is intended to enable the entire industry, including media, design, graphic arts, on demand and e-commerce companies to implement and work with individual workflow solutions. JDF will allow integration of heterogeneous products from diverse vendors enabling
seamless workflow solutions.

Course includes more than 9 hours of content and a timed 3 hour exam, consisting of 100 questions with a 80% passing grade requirement.

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Course Lessons

Member Price: $299.00
Network Price: $299.00
Non-Member Price: $399.00

Session 1
A JDF Overview

An introduction to JDF and the JDF Expert Certificate program, including the history and motivation behind the JDF initiative.

Session 2
Introduction to XML

A basic understanding of XML, which is a prerequisite for understanding JDF usage

Session 3
JDF Structures

A review of the fundamentals of constructing a JDF Job.

Session 4
Working With Intents

How to use and gather customer intent data as the starting poiint for JDF printing jobs.

Session 5
Process and Resources

How all JDF jobs are constructed with JDF processes and resources and how to select process and resources to construct a JDF job.

Session 6
Job Message Format (JMF)

The Job Messaging Format (JMF) as the command and control language of JDF.

Session 7
The Schema

How the every-day user of JDF-enabled systems does not need to be able to read the JDF Schema or write JDF, but the expert user should have the ability to do so.

Session 8
Device Capabilities

How JDF allows MIS systems to query a JDF enabled device for its capabilities to help automate the integration process.

Session 9
Automating Preflghting with JDF

How JDF can be used in automated preflighting operations.

Session 10
JDF Practicum: Prepress Operations

How JDF can be used in prepress operations.

Session 11
JDF Practicum: Digital Printing Operations

How JDF can be used in printing operations.

Session 12
JDF Practicum: Post Press Operations

How JDF can be used in postpress operations.

Session 13
JDF Expert Certificate: Final Review

In order to qualify for the JDF Expert Users Certificate, attendees will need to pass a final test. This final session will provide a review of what has been learned and provide the opportunity to have questions answered.

Session 14
JDF Bonus: Introduction to Version 1.3

Content will review the latest developments associated with the new JDF version 1.3 functional and architectural specifications.

Session 15
JDF Bonus: Introduction to Version 1.4
A brief overview of JDF, its additions, improvement and expansion in the 1.4 standard, along with a review of enhancements to JMF.