Application for G7 System Certification

Below is an online submission form to apply for G7 System Certification.


IDEAlliance Member: $5,000
Non-Member: $7,000
Note: IDEAlliance members pay a reduced fee because their membership dollars help to finance the development of the specifications upon which this program is based.

Download Application Details

PAYMENT POLICY (Effective 01/1/11)

G7 System Certification is valid for the life of the system as long as nothing changes within the system. The entire payment is required on application. Payment in full must be received by IDEAlliance before the certification process begins. The certification fee includes the services of IDEAlliance staff and contractors, who will assist the systems vendor representative(s) in meeting the Certification requirements. This fee covers two (2) certification trials with accompanying services and posting of successful certifications to the IDEAlliance Certification website.


  • This is NOT the G7 Master Qualification Program.  If you wish to submit for G7 Master Click Here
  • Payment must be made in full to IDEAlliance prior to the start of the certification process. The fee covers two (2) trials.
  • Certifications do not expire.
  • A "system" is defined as a printing device capable of meeting the G7 greyscale definition using four 1-D Curves.
  • G7 System Certifications are ongoing.  You may submit your materials directly to RIT’s Printing Applications Laboratory after completion of this form.
  • A System is Certified when the system passes the certification test and the ADS is approved and posted to the IDEAlliance website.

Download Application Details and complete the form below to apply for G7 System Certification.
For questions, contact Steve Bonoff 952-896-1908

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