Program Details


Part I (Online)

Part II (In-person)

The program consists of the online course described here – this forms Part I of the certification process. Part II is delivered via an in-person training session at your local Xerox demonstration facility or training centre. A certificate is provided on successful completion of both parts of the program.


Part I - Online Course

The online course is delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS) and is accessible using any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Each module consists of a audio-visual Flash presentation. Each student is provided a personalized login and can track and monitor their own progress through the course, keeping track of the modules they have completed and their scores in the Gradebook. Communication with other students is possible through the Discussion Forum and users are able to chat with other students that are online at the same time. Document downloads support the teaching material, quizzes serve to reinforce the learning activity. The course consists of 20 modules, there is a short quiz at the end of each module and a final exam at the end of the course. 80% passing grade in the final exam earns Xerox Colour Management Certification (Part I).


Module Content

The course consists of 20 modules. The first modules introduce the concepts of colour imaging and colour vision including topics such as spectral data, spectrophotometers, lighting such as D50, the CIELAB colour system and Delta E colour differencing equations. A number of modules consider preparation of correct prepress files and bullet-proof PDF workflows. In topics related to practical colour management the course examines ICC profiles, RGB and CMYK colour workflows, spot colour workflows, and soft proofing on your monitor. Relevant material is presented relating to the operation of digital presses including choice of paper, DFE and controller settings, paper calibration, and use of GRACoL and other standard colour spaces. Adobe Photoshop and printing to GRACoL/SWOP/G7 is considered. A number of modules relate to real-world colour management for practical digital colour production printing.


Training Kit

Each student receives a training kit containing offset and digital printed press sheets, the RHEM Light Indicator, the course text – Prepress for Digital Printing, 8X magnifier loupe, and other test images, press sheets and samples.



The course is presented and narrated by Dr Abhay Sharma, Professor, School of Graphic Communications Management, Ryerson University, Toronto in conjunction with Joël Lapointe, National Program Manager, Xerox Colour Consulting Services and Xerox Senior Colour Analysts Marc Lamey and Fan Mahmoudian.


Intended Audience

Operators, graphic designers, prepress staff, supervisors and other employees involved in digital colour printing processes.


Cost and Registration

Contact your Xerox Sales Representative or Xerox Colour Consultant for further details.


How much time does it take?

Part I of the program consists of 20 learning modules, each module is 30 minutes in length, so the course consists of 10 hours of “instructional” time. In addition there are quizzes and small experiments and activities to conduct.

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