DEER Printing Guidelines 2011 Poster-DOWNLOAD

The Printing Guidelines Poster 2011 is designed to assure print buyers and print providers achieve consistent, high quality color printing, according to the latest G7 specifications and ISO standards.

The 2011 Printing Guidelines Poster is a joint industry effort, sponsored by IDEAlliance's non-profit charitable foundation; DEER.

The poster is free of charge

You may purchase the printed version here

How to use this poster:  

Creatives & Print Buyers explains how to ensure your work is prepared, proofed and printed as accurately as possible. It also discusses some of the challenges facing color printing and how to manage expectations.  

Prepress & Proofing describes how to convert creative materials into press-ready CMYK files and how to create and verify accurate prepress proofs.

Pressroom charts the ISO-standard inks and substrates and the G7 print control metrics for various print specifications.