G7 Master & G7 Process Control Master Qualification Fees

Application Processing Procedures

All G7 Master Qualifications customers are invoiced at the time of application submission. Payment is due PRIOR to application processing. Turnaround time is expected to be within 30 days, based on timely payment. POs will be accepted from IDEAlliance Corporate Members ONLY.

  1st Fee* Annual Renewal Targets** LAB Target Type Addtl. Targets  Network Membership Corporate Membership Effective Date
G7 Master Qualification $500.00 $200.00 2 RIT P2P $80.00 $450.00 Join IDEAlliance Dec 1, 2013
G7 Process Control Master Qualification $945.00 $750.00 8 Cal Poly P2P, IT8.7/4, 12647-7, and 12647-5 Control Wedges $80.00 $450.00 Join IDEAlliance Dec 1, 2013

* First Time Qualification Fee
** Number of Targets included in Qualification Fee

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  G7PC Master Submission Procedures CalPoly

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