Substrate Relativity Calculator Kit 20120606


The Substrate Relativity Calculator allows advanced users the ability to recalculate industry standard or custom characterization data sets based on the CIELAB values of a given substrate. The procedure utilizes the tristimulus correction methodology defined in ISO 13655 Annex A for correcting measurements based on two backing materials. Once the data is modified relative to the new CIELAB values, the user is provided an idea on how the substrates color will affect the final printed result. The recalculated data can be used to generate profiles for more accurate proofing/converting, and the reported CMYK, RGB and Gray patches can be used for new process control aims when on press with the new substrate. 


NEW 2013:  There is an alternate calculator available from ANSI/CGATS that is available for free download at the NPES website on the right hand sidebar under Computational Tools:



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