SWOP2013 and GRACoL2013 ICC Profiles

New 2013 ICC Profiles for SWOP & GRACoL

Profiles reference the new ANSI CGATS.21-2 Characterzation Reference Print Condition (CRPC) datasets

Note:  The SWOP2013C5 Dataset is modified for a grade #5 publication coated stock.  References CRPC5 with Substrate Correction Applied.

All of the new 2013 CGATS.21 and GRACoL and SWOP icc profiles can be downloaded from Color.org except for SWOP2013C5, which is only available on the IDEAlliance website.

As with any icc profile, we encourage the end user to be knowledgable about how to use.  IDEAlliance does not provide technical support for these profiles.