June 07, 2013

Color Management Basics for Content Creators

24/7 Online Training

Color Management Basics for Content Creators

Recorded Live June 2013

This 3-part IDEASonline Training Program is designed for the Content Creator, offering a solid understanding of several key factors in color management and print production. In each part of our series we take a 90-minute deep dive, exploring color management from the point of view of content creation, relating each color management topic to the overall print production process and needs of the content creator.

Part 1: Instrumentation: Introduction to Spectrophotometry
Part 2: Choosing the Correct Color Space for Content Creation
Part 3: Proofing Best Practices: Hard & Soft Proofing and Viewing Conditions

By completing this virtual seminar series you will learn critical best practices and enhance your total understanding of color management. This online series was recorded from a live event and is available to you 24/7.

Who Should Attend:
• Production professionals of creative agencies, content creators, and brand owners
• Creative and content development professionals
• Print production experts seeking tools for communicating more effectively with their clients

Time: Available 24/7

Discussion and Recording: Attendees are registered into the IDEAlliance social network - connect.idealliance.org - where event recordings are  posted and where private discussions moderated by the presenter, Bob Hallam, take place.

Continuing Education Credit (CEUs): At the conclusion of viewing the series you will be provided a Certificate of Completion with Continuing Education Units, all designed to benefit your personal career development.

Part 1: Instrumentation: Introduction to Spectrophotometry

In Part 1, learn why using the right measurement tools is critical to hitting consistent color results and the importance of spectrophotometry.

Attend this webinar and discover…

  • Why print standards don’t rely on densities.
  • How spectrophotometry works and why it’s the chosen tool for color control.
  • Should that old densitometer be thrown out and replaced with a new Spectrodensitometer?
  • Learn valuable nerdy acronyms like: BCRA, CCS II, OBA’s, CRM’s and NIST.
  • Why color quality is a key challenge for the printing industry.
  • Why two different spectrophotometers could provide very different measurements.
  • How to evaluate inter-measurement system agreement.
  • How to bring order to color measurement chaos with XRGA.
  • The art of spectro- calibration and maintenance.
  • How to standardize measurement processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • What to look for when attempting to take accurate spectral measurements.
  • How to use the IDEAlliance Verification Test Target.

Part 2: Choosing the Correct Color Space for Content Creation

In Part 2, learn how great results at the end of a process can be derailed if the right choices are not made in the beginning, and the importance of color spaces.

Attend this webinar and discover…

  • What’s a printing aim?
  • Choosing the correct print aim for your project.
  • The connection between print substrate and print aims.
  • The disconnection between print aims and substrates.
  • Substrate considerations and Optical Brightening Agents.
  • How characterization data relates to print aims.
  • What is metamerism, and how it’s compensated for in print aims and proof results.
  • What is delta E, all of the mathematical varieties and how these metrics relate to visual reality.
  • How the choice of RGB working space effects color reproduction in my CMYK print results.
  • G7® and its relationship to choice of print aims.
  • PMS colors – The Pantone and G7 relationship.
  • PDF/X - device independent color and print aim choices.

Part 3: Proofing Best Practices: Hard & Soft Proofing and Viewing Conditions

In Part 3, learn how to choose between doing a hard or soft proof and the critical factors to consider, such as consistent viewing conditions and the ISO12647-7 standard.

Attend this webinar and discover…

  • The basics of hard copy proofing.
  • Viewing booth basics and why they matter.
  • How to verify ISO 12647-7 compliance in proofing.
  • What can go wrong if my proofs comply with ISO 12647-7 aims?
  • SWOP proof certification and the bigger picture.
  • Can SWOP certified proofs be matched by my printer?
  • The basics of Soft or Monitor- based proofing.
  • Strength and weakness: Soft proofing and hard proofing compared in critical color environments.
  • Colorimeter calibration vs. spectrophotometer calibration for soft proofing.
  • Display technologies and their impact on color quality and soft proof accuracy.
  • When D50 is not D50 and other color management mysteries.
  • Environment variables that must be managed for Soft or Monitor proofing success.

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Bob Hallam
President, PIXELOLOGIE Inc.

With more than 35 years of experience in the graphic arts and printing industry, Bob Hallam pioneered the first measurement based SWOP certification process, and built proprietary color management systems. Bob’s color technology expertise, lean manufacturing and workflow analysis skills make him a valuable asset to customers and sales people alike. His focus is delivering product color consistency on multiple platforms across multiple plants in multiple countries, for such companies as Kohl’s, Crate & Barrel, Victoria’s Secret, and Condé Nast. 

Bob led the color technology teams at both Quad Graphics and World Color where his areas of responsibility were color technology from capture to consumer.  Bob also worked in the ICC steering committee where he was contributing author of the book: “Color Management: Understanding and Using ICC Profiles”, and also participated in SWOP Print Properties and ISO standards for the past 15 years.

Today Bob has formed the consulting company PIXELOLOGIE Inc. where he works with large photo, print, and pre-media facilities, as well as equipment vendors to improve quality and workflow efficiency, and develop new technologies for value added services. 

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June 07, 2013

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