October 25, 2013

Create, Manage, and Grow with Interactive Print

24/7 Online Training

Create, Manage, and Grow with Interactive Print

Recorded Live October 2013

This online series was recorded from live events and is now available to you 24/7. Create, Manage, and Grow with Interactive Print is a 3-part training presented in three 90-minute sessions.

Lead by instructor and interactive technology expert, John Puterbaugh, founder of Nellymoser, this online training series will provide a brief history of interactive print and then offer in-depth case studies, implementation instruction, and expert analysis on such technologies as 2D barcodes, watermarking, image recognition, augmented reality, near field communication, and much more.

This event is designed for senior business and technology managers seeking to successfully integrate new technologies into their production workflow and learn how to inform their clients on the capabilities of these new opportunities.


The first session will provide a brief history of interactive print along with definitions and terminology. Numerous examples will be shown from publishing, packaging, direct mail, events and retail. The major forms of activation types will be reviewed include text / alphanumeric codes (e.g., short codes, ** codes), 2D barcodes (e.g., Tag, QR, Spyderlynk), invisible watermarking and image recognition. 

We will cover the following areas in detail:

- Interactive Print / Print to Digital 

- Terminology

- Activation Types

- Examples from publishing, retail, events, etc. 


The second session will walk through how to create and setup complete print to digital campaigns. The session will go into detail with working examples of how to design, create and manage the different activation types including  text / alphanumeric codes, 2D barcodes, invisible watermarking, image recognition, NFC & Apple's iBeacon. After activation creation & management is covered, we will review a range of post-scan experiences and overlays. 

We will cover the following areas in detail: 

- Print to Digital Experiences

- Creating & Managing alphanumeric codes

- Creating & Managing 2D barcodes

- Creating & Managing invisible watermarks: branded icons & imagery

- Creating & Managing images for image recognition (IR)

- Post-Scan Experiences: video, data capture, landing pages and augments / overlays

- Augmented Reality


The final session will cover interactive print best practices. First, we will cover examples of campaigns / content that performs well and why. We will then go into how to measure and calibrate the performance of a print to digital initiative. Finally, the last session will cover how best to get started including what can be done in hour and how to think about vendor selection. 

We will cover the following areas in detail: 

- Print to digital best practices

- What works and what doesn't

- Measurement and benchmarking

- Vendor Selection

- Getting started

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John Puterbaugh
Founder, Nellymoser

John Puterbaugh is the founder of Nellymoser, an innovative mobile marketing and technology services provider specializing in activating brands via mobile. He was instrumental in identifying and evangelizing the emerging market for mobile activated print. Customers include 50 of the Top 100 magazines in addition to leading brands and agencies.  As an early proponent of mobile media, he spearheaded Nellymoser's entry into apps and content delivery. Nellymoser has provided mobile services for companies such as Amazon, Target, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, Disney/ABC and Viacom/MTV. Before Nellymoser, he was part of the early team at Voxware, Inc., one of the first companies to provide Internet voice chat and real-time streaming solutions for companies such as Disney, Microsoft, Nokia and Netscape.  Educated at Oberlin, Dartmouth and Princeton, he is an entrepreneur, educator and inventor. He is frequently asked to speak at industry events such as CES, CTIA, GDC, Digital Music Forum, MWC/3GSM, Primex and Ad:Tech. He holds patents in wireless voice platforms, voice analysis and synthesis, user-generated content, and in sound transformation.

Event Date

October 25, 2013

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