June 14 - July 19, 2012

ePUBLISHING FOR EVERYONE: How Publications are Publishing on Multiple Platforms

Online Event via WebEx

Publishing Content For Everyone

Conducted June 2012


The digital revolution is not just for books. Recent advances in technology are enabling all types of publications—from magazines and manuals to reports and rich media—to be delivered in ever-expanding digital ecosystems. The same technologies used for print and online publications can now be leveraged for tablets, eReaders, and smartphones. This provides publishers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency to adapt their content so customers can access their content whenever, wherever, and however they desire. These technologies enable publishers to dramatically enrich their content with video, audio, and interactivity, while providing greater typographic and design control for all documents.

In this 3-part webinar series, IDEAlliance presents an overview of three essential technologies in this new ecosystem that all publishers and service providers need to understand.


Program #1:
EPUB3 - The Foundation for the Future

This IDEAlliance webinar This program will provide an overview of the new EPUB 3 standard, describing how this fundamental standard has been expanded from a format primarily for trade books to one designed to handle all types of publications. The presentation will provide an excellent, non-technical explanation of this rich enabling technology that provides the foundation for the next generation of publications while addressing the needs of today’s clients.

Bill Kasdorf
Vice President - Apex Content Solutions



Program #2:
Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 6:
From Print to Digital Platforms

With the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 6, publishing a magazine or newspaper to multiple devices has never been easier. Digital Publishing Suite is an InDesign-based workflow and set of services that allow publishers to create, distribute, and monetize interactive content for iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Android tablets. InDesign CS6 includes exciting new features that will make designing for tablet devices more efficient than ever. You will learn about the new Adaptive Design Tools - Liquid Layout, Alternate Layouts, linked content, and how to generate both horizontal and vertical layouts of a tablet design from a single InDesign file. These new features make designing content for publication through Digital Publishing Suite simpler than ever!


Digital Publishing Evangelist
Adobe Systems

Program #3:
NEXTPUB PSV: The Source is the Solution

The new PRISM Source Vocabulary (PSV)—recently released by the nextPub working group of IDEAlliance—provides a rich, powerful model for managing the content that publishers increasingly need to deliver in multiple publications on multiple platforms and to incorporate rich media like video, audio, slideshows, and interactivity. Especially optimized for magazine and similar publication content, PSV enables the management of publication content at a very granular level, enabling the same resources (articles, ads, etc.) to be used in print initial issues, topical or annual “best of” issues, bookazines, blogs, websites, and eBooks, and to be repurposed dynamically as needed. Building on the widely used PRISM standard as well as HTML5 and designed from the outset to enable efficient transformation to EPUB 3 and other formats for publication delivery, PSV promises to become the essential vocabulary by which publishers and their partners will create, manage, store, and disseminate their publications, in all print and digital forms.


VP - Production Technologies
Time, Inc

Event Date

June 14 - July 19, 2012

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Online Event via WebEx

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