August 02, 2012

G7 Process Control Webinar: A Roadmap to Efficiency & Predictability

Online Event via WebEx

A Roadmap to Efficiency and Predictability


Conducted July 2012




G7 Process Control is a NEW program designed to help print service providers and buyers turn printing into a predictable, manufacturing process.  The G7® Process Control Program builds on the momentum of the current IDEAlliance G7 program, which to-date has qualified more than 1000 companies worldwide.

Program #1:
Standardizing Your Workflow

G7 Process Control is designed to help service providers achieve a high level of efficiency and predictability through standardization and process control practices.

In this Part 1 webinar program, you will discover how to use G7 Process Control to maintain and adjust print workflows to ensure maximum print quality repeatability....and profits !

You will learn...

  • Key attributes of an efficient workflow.
  • How G7 Process Control can improve your business financial performance.
  • Why certain key "print metrics" are more important than others.
  • The importance of creating a color control feedback loop.




Joe Fazzi
Vice President - Media Production Technologies


Ron Ellis
Ron Ellis
Consulting, LLC


Program #2:
G7 Process Control - Case Study

Printing to Standards - Interview with an Expert

How G7 Process Control impacts a printing plant, and a premedia provider.  

In this session, IDEAlliance Certified G7 Process Control Expert, Larey Kauffman, offers his first-hand experience of implementing G7 Process Control in a commercial print environment, describing what a print provider experiences when implementing the G7 Process Control program. You'll hear what worked and what was challenging as they optimized the manufacturing process.

You will learn...

  • What are likely benefits and the biggest challenges to implement G7 Process Control in your print operation.
  • How implementing process color control impacts your entire supply chain.
  • The experiences of implementing G7 Process Control from a certified expert and a premedia service provider.

Guest Presenter
Laurey Kauffman

FujiFilmGraphic Services

IDEAlliance G7 Process Control Expert



Program #3:
G7 Process Control - Case Study

Standards Compliance Using Non-Standard Materials

There are many people using G7 to print with non-standard materials.

With the focus on conformance to datasets, G7 Process Control allows manufacturers and buyers to specify custom datasets based on G7. In this session, our case study is a printer who prints on non-traditional materials, American Bank Note. During the session you will hear how G7 Process Control helped take a complex and custom manufacturing process, using both G7 and process control, to optimize production for consistency and profitability.

You will learn...

  • How to use custom datasets with G7 Process Control to achieve standards compliance
  • How to apply process control to non-traditional materials.
  • Real life experiences of those printing on plastic and other unique substrates using G7 Process Control.


Joe Fazzi, Ron Ellis, and Jeff White, American Bank Note





Event Date

August 02, 2012

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Online Event via WebEx

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