November 15, 2012

New Standards To Grow Tablet Advertising Revenues

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New Standards to Grow
Tablet Advertising Revenues

Publishing and advertising industry standards
pave the way to efficient digital advertising on tablets.

November 15, 2012


Tablets and other mobile devices present a tantalizing cross-platform opportunity for publishers, agencies and advertisers. Studies have shown that consumers are more engaged with editorial and advertising content on tablets than they are on other media. Tablet readers are more willing not only to read the ads, but initiate a response, such as seeking more information or making a purchase from their device.

Program Description

Publishers and advertisers have been stymied by the overwhelming variety of devices, aspect ratios and operating systems on iOS, Android, and Windows tablets from multiple manufacturers. Designing separate advertisements for all of these devices and operating systems is inefficient and un-scalable. As a result, publishers and advertisers create digital replicas of publications and ads that fail to take advantage of the rich media and interactivity capabilities of tablet devices, ultimately disappointing their readers.

To address these issues, IDEAlliance and Ad-ID, in conjunction with leading publishers and advertisers, are developing new standards specifically for tablet advertising. This webinar will discuss three initiatives:

  • PRISM Advertising Metadata Specification; a metadata vocabulary for describing advertising materials;
  • Ad-ID (Advertising Digital Identification), a Web-based system that generates a unique identifying code for each advertising asset; and
  • ADAM (Asset Delivery Advertising Metadata) specification, which defines a standard interface between portals so that any sending system can directly communicate with any receiving system.

Diane Kennedy
Vice Pres of Media and
Emerging Technologies


Harold S. Geller
Chief Growth Officer
Advertising Digital
Identification LLC (Ad-ID)

Kirk Brauch
Business & Technical Manager

Event Date

November 15, 2012

IdeasOnline Event

Online Event via WebEx

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