The following G7 systems have been certified by IDEAlliance to meet or exceed established industry tolerances for calibrating a printing device to meet the G7 grayscale definition using four 1-D Curves. The systems listed below are available for sale through IDEAlliance. Additional certified systems are available direct from the manufacturer or their distributors. Click here for a list of all G7 Certified Systems.

A software program designed to simplify the IDEAlliance G7® calibration method. Inputting color measurement data, it calculates color curves for the purpose of calibrating printing presses and other printers to the G7 calibration process.

Curve2 With VPR Upgrade

Alwan CMYK Optimizer PrePress

An industry leading color preflight, standardization and optimization software for CMYK files and separations. CMYK Optimizer helps pre-media and prepress companies to easily produce files that conform to G7®, GRACoL®, SWOP® or other industry standard printing conditions.

Alwan Print Standardizer X

An industry reference for TVI and Gray Balance process control. It is a unique tool for matching G7®, ISO 12647 or your custom standards on any printing process.

Alwan Print Standardizer X

  • Supports handheld and press-side instruments
  • Calibrates one printing device but can be extended to more presses


A Certified G7 System has been 3rd party tested and been proven to successfully meet the following requirements:

  • The system calculates CMYK calibration curves (RIP calibration percentages) that produce CMY and K-only NPDC curves that fit the nearest FanGraph curve or average of two curves.
  • The corrected NPDC curve(s) match whatever FanGraph curve(s) fit the dynamic range of the test sample.
  • The system is able to calculate individual CMY calibration curves that together produce a neutral grey balance defined by the G7 specification.

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