Postal Operations & Technologies Council

The oldest continuing committee in the history of Idealliance® (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is the Postal Operations & Technologies Committee (POTC) – started in March 1967 as the Mail Services Committee and later became the Addressing/Distribution Committee. Its remarkable achievement over the years is due to a unique cross-industry membership of catalog and direct marketers, equipment manufacturers, fulfillment companies, list management, logistic companies, mail preparers, mail owners, manufacturers, printers, publishers, software developers, and transportation carriers. The Committee has always had, as its prime objective, greater productivity and efficiencies throughout the total process of mail preparation, handling, and delivery. Also, the Committee focuses on the application of new technologies and standardization with a unique perspective – looking at total combined cost and lowering costs across the value chain rather than moving costs. The U.S. Postal Service is an active partner in the Committee initiatives and IDEAlliance is, and has been, an active member of MTAC. The POTC Committee:

  1. Creates a non-competitive and collaborative work environment representing all members of the mail value chain;
  2. Delivers thought-leadership and expertise to successfully advance specific operational and technological priorities;
  3. Presents actionable information to each member from other partners in the value chain to encourage understanding and lowering of total combined cost; and
  4. Develops forward-thinking solutions which serve the best interest of the entire value chain and all its partners to be the voice for the TOTAL value chain


Idealliance and POTC have the following strengths and credentials:

  1. Longest continuous operating committee of Idealliance
  2. Companies that represent all classes and shapes in all major industries
  3. Committee represents and engages all members of the value chain emphasizing an open dialog environment and relationship building
  4. Expert in establishing and developing industry standards and specifications
  5. Non-policy focus – Operational and technological, not regulatory or legislative
  6. Leader in digital and information technologies standards from SGML and XML
  7. Developer of the Mail.dat® and Mail.XML™ and leader in bar code, color management, EDI and XML, and print and digital technology and specifications with a global reach
  8. Acknowledged expertise and innovator in US Postal Service networks, products, and services and industry supply chain applications, technologies, and workflows
  9. A working committee – with over 160+ participants and 70+ active members – developing a wide-range of task forces and special projects
  10. Industry leader in digital content technology and leading initiatives in digital supply chain for advertising, branding, and publishing

Rose Flanagan, Data-Mail
Phil Thompson, Quad/Graphics