G7 Process Control Training Curriculum



Lesson # Professional & Expert
Name / Objectives
Lesson 1

Working Spaces (View Sample Course)

  • Understand the concept of a working space
  • Understand implications and benefits of choosing the correct working space
  • Be able to load and configure G7 working space in Adobe CS applications
Lesson 2

Printing Aims

  • Understand the concept of a printing aim
  • How G7 print aims vary from traditional print aims
  • Understand how to communicate a printing aim
  • Example printing aim description
Lesson 3

Evaluation of a Proof & Material to an Aim

  • Understand the concept of a colorimetric evaluation
  • Understand correct conditions for conducting a visual evaluation
  • Understand how to measure and evaluate a proof using the G7/ISO 12647-7 Control Strip
  • Understand how to measure and evaluate printed material using grey triplets, solids, and overprints
Lesson 4

PDF/X Fundamentals

  • Understand what PDF/X is
  • Understand how Ghent specifications relate to PDF/X
  • Know what ISO 15930 is
Lesson 5

Data Reception and Creation

  • Understand methods and procedures for receiving files
  • Understand how to create a PDF file including color management, layout production, and PDF creation
  • Be familiar with requirements of ISO 15930
Lesson 6  


  • Staff will understand plate production best practices
  • Standard Operating Procedures for platemaking will be documented
  • Plate log file is on site
  • A test file will be output
  • PDF/X Tests rendered correctly by RIP and plate process
  • Linear plate can be output
Lesson 7  

Calibration Sheetfed

  • Understand which type of G7 calibration to perform on a print process and machine
  • Be able to identify requirement and methods for performing G7 calibration on a sheetfed and/or web press
  • Be able to verify G7 calibration on a sheetfed and/or web press
Lesson 8  

Ink and Chemistry

  • Understand the definition of an ISO 2846-1 Inks
  • Identify practical steps required to qualify ink for use in G7 Targeted operations
  • Understand methods of compensation for variation in ink and paper
  • Understand how to document and check press chemistry
Lesson 9  

The Paper Work

  • Understand paperwork required to complete a G7 Process Control Qualification
  • SOP Documents
  • Tracking and Control Documents
Lesson 10  

PSA Audit Ready

  • Extending G7 to the wider market
  • What is PSA Certification
  • Review of steps for PSA Certification
  • PSA various offerings
Lesson 11

Color Theory (CMP - Intro to Color Management)

  • Device differences and the need for color control
  • Closed loop color management versus open (ICC)
  • Achieve understanding of color management
  • Understand concepts and terminology of color control
Lesson 12

G7 Theory

  • Review Key Concepts of G7
  • Understand how G7 Relates to paper color
  • Understand fundamentals behind G7
Lesson 13

G7 Color Metrics

  • Understand CIELAB
  • Understand how to adjust colors using CIELAB
  • Understand key G7 metrics and how they work.
Lesson 14  

Relative Paper Theory and Application

  • Understand the impact of substrate color on reproduction
  • Understand ways to simulate out of specification papers
  • Understand how to calculate and predict aims on out of specification papers
Lesson 15  

Performance Classification

  • Understand the concept of machine variation
  • Understand the definition of process capability
  • Be able to use the GRACoL Tolerance Project spreadsheet to determine simple machine variation
Lesson 16

Soft Proofing

  • Understand the process of profiling a monitor
  • Understand how to configure applications for soft proofing
  • Know the limitations of soft proofing
Lesson 17

Process Control

  • Understand what process control is
  • Understand how to use process control to manage print quality
  • Be able to apply process control procedures to a production environment
Lesson 18

Trending and Analyses

  • Understand how to record print trends
  • Understand what different print metrics mean when analyzing trends
  • Develop a plan to record and track trends in your plant
Lesson 19

Hardcopy Proofing

  • Understand how to validate a proof against a G7 characterization data set
  • Understand best practices and viewing conditions
  • Identify ISO proofing tolerances
Lesson 20

Viewing Conditions

  • Understand why viewing conditions are important
  • Understand implications of viewing conditions across the manufacturing process
  • Understand how to maintain viewing conditions
Lesson 21  

G7 Compliance Levels

  • Understand the difference between G7 Grey and G7 Targeted
  • Understand the four G7 Compliance Levels
  • Be able to determine the appropriate compliance level for your print process
Lesson 22

Client Training

  • Understand how to communicate G7 concepts to your clients
  • Provide a presentation that can be sued with clients
  • Provide terminology to use with clients to help explain what G7 is and the benefits to them as the end client to use a G7 qualified printer.
Lesson 23

How ISO Relates

  • Understand how G7 relates to ISO
  • Know which ISO documents are used for print standards
  • Understand the connection between print standards and ROI
Lesson 24

G7 and Digital Devices

  • G7 can be used for digital devices
  • Most often a combination of G7 and using color management to target a G7 data set
  • Procedures for nesting the G7 Calibration on a digital device
Lesson 25  

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Understand purpose of an SOP
  • Understand construction of an SOP
  • Understand benefits of an SOP
Lesson 26  

G7 Process Control Test Form

  • Describe the G7 PC test form
  • Explain purposes of pages and elements
  • Discuss how to interpret the images
Lesson 27  

Press Prep

  • Understanding of Press Prep best practices
  • Standard operating procedure for press preparation will be documented
  • A press preparation log file is on site
  • A test file will be output