Color Management Professional Print


The Color Management Professional Print course is designed for press operators as an easy-to-understand instructional guide to basic color management principles in the pressroom. CMP Fundamentals is a recommended prerequisite, as the learner should be familiar with basic color theory, graphic communication workflows and print production processes.

Who Should Enroll: Print production, press operators, and technical managers

David Hunter
Pilot Marketing Group


Lesson #1: "Defining Press Room Operating Procedures"  

  • This topic defines the terms and definitions related to color and density to establish proper benchmarks for consumables, lighting, instruments and output devices. 

Lesson #2: "Defining Target Reference Condition"

  • This topic explains the importance of aiming for and guidance for correctly choosing a target reference condition. 

Lesson #3: "Optimizing the Press"

  • This topic covers the importance of making sure everything on the press is mechanically sound. We also discuss methodologies for determining color bar strategies and methods to benchmark a press’ performance including determine target densities with dry back calculations.

Lesson #4: “Press Run to Determine Tone Reproduction Curves”

  • This topic reviews the basics required to perform a press run to determine proper plate curves for your print process. We will discuss setting up the qualification run through the actual Tone Reproduction Curve (TRC) press run. Using curve software, we will develop a proper plate curve and discuss the verification press run to ensure the curves you built will accommodate your goals.

Lesson #5: “Verifying Plate Curves on Multiple Presses”

  • This topic shares tips and tricks from consultants that have completed hundreds of press runs to get multiple presses to match using the same plate curves. Although such a practice is not always possible, we will go through the process to provide the best chance of making multiple presses match using the same plate curve. 

Lesson #6: “Maintaining the Press Calibration”

  • This topic provides strategies and tools that allow press operators to maintain their press condition determined as the target operating conditions. We will discuss color bar strategies and measurement strategies to ensure that the press provides a consistent printing condition which is repeatable from the initial calibration run. Spot checking densities, and gray balance based on established tolerances will help you operator determine if everything is printing as expected. If a press condition is out of specification, these tools will suggest direction to find the solutions. 

Plus: Video X-tras - SPONSORED BY X-RITE

For additional education about Color Management for Printing, check out these X-tra instructional videos provided by X-Rite Corporation on the topics of:

  1. Color Tolerances
  2. Color Uniformity
  3. Targeted Densities