G7 Process Control Professional Training & Certification

Corporate Member $495 / Network Member $595 / Non-Member $695

Online Training & Professional Certification for production professionals of offset and digital print service providers, agencies, premedia service providers, and brand owners


The Idealliance G7® Process Control Training & Professional Certification Program builds on the momentum of the original G7® program and is a must for any individual or organization wanting to take print production to the next level of profitability and repeatability.

With an ever-expanding number of media channels available to marketers today, print service providers are preparing files for a vast array of devices, and often for multiple locations.

Ensuring key staff are skilled in the best practices of both print and electronic media production is central to reducing production costs, and operating an efficient multi-channel media production workflow.


The Process Control Training & Professional Certification Program utilizes state-of-the-art eLearning technology and interactive methods to ensure a rich and interesting educational experience.

  • Offers 9.5 hours of education in 27 online lessons
  • State-of-the-art online training with searchable table of contents
  • Enabled for iPad and mobile support, so you can take training with you
  • Includes more than 200 support materials, articles, and templates


  • Learn step-by-step instructions for improving manufacturing and operating procedures proven to expand profitability.
  • Takes into account the complete workflow, from creative through print.
  • Developed by the industry’s leading workflow experts.
  • An opportunity to streamline your operation and add profits to the bottom line.
  • An extension of the IDEAlliance G7 Expert, Professional and Master Program.
  • Access to coursework for one year, to maximize and affirm learnings


The program is designed for production professionals of digital and offset print service providers, creative agencies, premedia service providers, and brand owners.


  • Each lesson includes quiz questions to support the learning process.
  • Attendees receive a full CEU credit based on IACET standards.
  • The program concludes with one final certification exam of randomized multiple-choice questions.
  • Professional Certification is awarded to those who achieve 85% or more proficiency on the final exam.
  • Recertification is required every two years to maintain an active Professional Certification.
  • Certified Professionals receive a certificate for them to print and frame

NOTE: G7 Process Control Expert Certification requires an additional 3-day in-person training course. G7 Process Control Certified Experts are  authorized to qualify facilities in the G7 Process Control Master Qualification Program. More details HERE.


The Process Control PROFESSIONAL Certification Program, can be taken online or in the classroom. The G7 Professional Certification alone does NOT athorize graduates to perform G7 Process Control Master or G7 Master Qualifications.

The G7 Process Control EXPERT Certification requires the successful competion of both the G7 Expert/Professional 3-day in-person training, as well as the G7 Process Control 3-day in-person training. G7 Process Control Certified Experts are authorized to qualify facilities in the G7 Process Control Master and G7 Master Qualification Programs. For details on upconing in-person G7 Process Control Expert or G7 Expert/Professional Certification training session, contact Illeny Maaza.