Guide to Print Production 13.0

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This booklet is an update to the Guide to Print Production V12.0. As with the earlier SWOP and GRACoL editions, this booklet is about publishing and printing and the proper procedures and suggest­ed techniques for reproducing a creative concept—image or information—on a tar­geted output media.

What's New in V13

Much has changed in the industry since the last edition of this publication was published more than two years ago.  Version 13.0 of the Guide to Print Pro­duction addresses the dramatic chang­es to the print production landscape, including;

  • New characterization datasets.
  • New standards in light­ing, viewing and measurement.
  • The importance of the new M1 measurement standards and its im­pact on G7, GRACoL and SWOP.
  • Getting the most from G7 in mul­tiple print processes.
  • We more fully engage the cre­ative production professional, sharing  the keys to ensuring a positive print experience.
  • New guidelines for managing expec­tations when working with printers to manage a specified print condition
  • We address cross media, offering a look at the six stages of an integrated media production workflow.


  1. For Beginners: What It All Means 
  2. New Building Blocks: The Latest Standards & Specs
  3. G7: What Is G7?
  4. GRACoL & SWOP: Characterized Reference Print Conditions
  5. Creative Workflow: Best Practices For Creatives
  6. Prepress Workflow: Best Practices For Production
  7. Proofing: Best Practices In Hard & Soft Proofing
  8. Viewing & Measuring: New Standards in Lighting
  9. Print Requirements: Managing the Print Supply Chain
  10. Print Manufacturing: Process Control in Print Production
  11. Standards Charts: Standardized Printing Guidelines
  12. G7 by Process: Standards & Specs by Print Method
  13. Cross Media: Six Stages of an Integrated Workflow
  14. Idealliance: Groups & Certifications