ASN (Advance Shipment Notice)

The Advance Shipment Notice provides individual trailer inventory of inbound shipments.  It does not replace the allotment notices.  Nor does it replace a bill of lading or the manifest.  The primary difference between an ASN and Manifest is that the documentation that accompanies the shipment has, by requirement, the pallet information.

Currently the ASN Specification is a Working Draft and as such is being used for industry pilot testing.

ASN is described in a set of two documents that, taken together, represent “the Idealliance ASN Specification”. Together these documents comprise the ASN Documentation Package.

  • ASN Functional Specification:  Overview, background, purpose and scope of the ASN; expected functionality, examples; contains no normative material.
  • ASN IT Specification:  Contains an XML model matching the functionality outlined in the functional specification.  This document is intended for IT staff who might implement advanced functionality for the ASN.
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