SAINT (Standard Ad Insertion Nomenclature for Tablets)

Publishers have been developing workflows to produce ads on tablets for nearly 3 years.  Each has developed their own specifications and workflows, but none are truly satisfied. The lack of common vocabulary for specifying tablet ads and production processes is having a negative impact on the advertising supply chain, both for publishers and agencies.

Idealliance, working in collaboration with MPA, is urging the supply chain to adopt a nomenclature that defines four standard ad types for tablets:

Standard Tablet Ad Types

Static Ads


(Straight From Print) Advertising content where the page on the screen looks exactly like (or is a replica of) the print page, with no interactive enhancements except for the active links.


(Designed For Tablet) Editorial or advertising content where the page on the screen has been re-designed specifically for reading on the tablet and is meant to be displayed at 100% (that is, there is no need to tap and zoom).  (With no interactive enhancements except for the activation of links)

Interactive/Rich Media Ads


(Straight From Print Enhanced) Editorial or advertising content where the page on the screen looks exactly like the print page with some interactive enhancements (beyond activation of links).


(Enhanced For Tablet) Adding enhancements and bonus content to DFT editorial or advertising content to more fully utilize the tablet medium (e.g., hotspots, photo slide shows, video, audio, in-app browser)

SAINT Specification

Today we still lack a standard lexicon to describe tablet publishing and advertising.  This is having a huge impact on the cost associated for a brand owner to advertise both in print and across a range of tablet devices.  Spec sheets for tablet advertising, of immediate necessity, have been individually developed by each publisher.  An Idealliance Digital Ad Lab survey showed that due to a lack of a common industry lexicon, each spec sheet uses its own language and that a great variation in that language exists not only from publisher to publisher but often from publication to publication within a publishing company.  The result is that every brand owner and agency must decode the ad specs into their own language before creation can begin.  And this tedious and often error-prone task must be repeated for each publication, resulting in slowing time to market and increasing overall production costs.

The solution, of course, is for all brand owners, agencies and publishers to agree on a standard lexicon that will be used in the specification for all tablet advertising. This call to action has been tackled by the Idealliance Digital Ad Lab Initiative and the results collated in the Standard Ad Insertion Nomenclature for Tablets (SAINT) Specification.

The Draft SAINT Specification is now available for download.
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