Mail.dat - Idealliance Standard 130-1995

As of January 2013, Idealliance has revised the Mail.dat® User License Code Program
Mail.dat software provider licensees to now provide codes directly to clients
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Idealliance has revised its popular Mail.dat® User License Code program. The new program will substantially reduce the fees paid by mail preparers and facilitate the transition to electronic postage payment.

ABOUT Mail.dat

The Mail.dat specification specifies a User License Code to accompany files for the purpose of uniquely identifying the sender through the postal supply chain. The Mail.dat specification, and the software infrastructure upon which it’s built, defines mail preparation today and is developed and maintained by Idealliance, a non-profit industry association, in cooperation with the United States Postal Service® (USPS®).

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In January 2013, Idealliance undertook a program to reduce the cost of User License Codes by providing the codes seamlessly through mail preparation software. Under the new program, Idealliance will now provide Mail.dat User License Codes through Royalty License Agreements with participating software providers. As a benefit to participating in the program, mailing software developers will be authorized to provide User License Codes directly to their customers as part of their Mail.dat generating and editing solutions. Organizations can still purchase separate User License Codes directly from Idealliance at a nominal fee.

Under the program Idealliance will be enforcing its rights under its trademark to insure compliance. Under the new program for the distribution of Mail.dat User License Codes, Idealliance will provide Royalty License Agreements in three categories:

  1. Specification Originator/Modifier 
    Principally develops and licenses user access to software that creates an originating Mail.dat and/or Mail.XML™ file/message set, i.e., one that is constructed using detailed information and postal sorting results not derived from existing Mail.dat/Mail.XML files, and openly advertises Mail.dat/Mail.XML support as a benefit.
  2. Specification Modifier
    Principally develops and licenses user access to software that modifies the content or enhances the structure of existing Mail.dat and/or Mail.XML file/message sets and openly advertises Mail.dat/Mail.XML editing capabilities as a benefit.
  3. Specification Dependent 
    Offers services dependent upon or substantially enhanced by Mail.dat/Mail.XML files and either requires Mail.dat files or Mail.XML to perform the service or offers a tangible advantage via the specification.

DOWNLOADS>> Order a Mail.dat User License Code  l  Mail.dat-XML Royalty License Agreement Form

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