On April 3, 2010 the publishing ecosystem
was changed forever. . .

For magazines, the launch of the iPad signaled an exciting new era of interactive, innovative publications and almost unimagined new revenue opportunities. But forced to use today's workflows, tools and technologies, iPad editions translate into a doubling of production staff efforts without any accommodation to publication schedules. The current model is unsustainable and unprofitable so our urgency to find solutions could not be greater!

nextPub is the
Publishing Industry's
Technology Incubator

By enabling publishers to engage directly with their industry peers, nextPub brings together the industry’s best minds and provides the additional technical and support resources required to aggressively tackle today's publishing challenges.

IDEAlliance has adopted the Next Issue Media's mantra, "for publishers, by publishers!" The goal of nextPub is to foster the development of next-generation publishing tools by embracing emerging technologies, developing best practices and establishing industry standards to make multi-channel publishing simple and efficient. Participation in nextPub makes this possible.

The nextPub Technical Committee is responsible for the coordination of eMedia technical working groups including PRISM, PSV and OpenEFT.


To participate in the IDEAlliance nextPub Technology Incubator, join the nextPub Working Group!

To participate in the development of PRISM and PSV, join the PRISM Metadata Initiative.

Contact Dianne Kennedy for more information.