PRISM Aggregator Message

PAM is the PRISM Aggregator Message.  PAM is an XML tag set built on the foundation of PRISM metadata and controlled vocabularies.  The use case for PAM was originally to encode magazine articles in XML to deliver content to aggregators.  While some publishers currently use PAM XML as a content source, that was not the original intent.  PAM is an application of PRISM, but PAM and PRISM are not synonymous.  PAM is an XML tag set that uses PRISM metadata for a very specific purpose while PRISM remains the core specification for metadata and controlled vocabularies. 

With the publication of PRISM 3.0, a new version of PAM, Version 2.2 was published 2012.  This version is be backwardly compatible with the current version of PAM.  It will correct technical errors discovered by implementers and will include some of the new metadata fields from PRISM 3.0.  PAM 2.2 remains based on XHTML and is not HTML5 compatible.

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