PRISM Source Vocabulary

PRISM Source Vocabulary builds upon the foundation of PRISM Specifications and relies on the metadata fields and controlled vocabularies defined by PRISM.  PSV defines XML structures for designing a content repository or for tagging source content, but it does not define its own metadata fields or controlled vocabularies. The development of PSV required the addition of new metadata fields and controlled vocabularies to support PSV functionality. Therefore PRISM 3.0 will be published simultaneously with the publication of PSV 1.0 and will be highly referenced by the PSV Specification.

Note: Both PAM and PSV are built on the foundation of PRISM 3.0.  The PRISM Source Vocabulary was developed by the nextPub Working Group.  Ongoing enhancements and maintenance of PSV will be handled  by the PRISM Working Group under the undfied PRISM Metadata Initiative.