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The Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata (PRISM) specification defines an XML metadata vocabulary for managing, aggregating, post-processing, multi-purposing and aggregating magazine, news, catalog, book, and mainstream journal content. PRISM recommends the use of certain existing standards, such as XML, RDF, the Dublin Core, and various ISO specifications for locations, languages, and date/time formats. In addition PRISM provides a framework for the interchange and preservation of content and metadata, a collection of elements to describe that content, and a set of controlled vocabularies listing the values for those elements.

 The PRISM Resource Center is a repository of conference papers, articles, and presentations that explain PRISM and related concepts that PRISM employs.

PRISM Cookbook

The PRISM Cookbook provides a set of practical implementation steps for a chosen set of use cases and provides insights into more sophisticated PRISM capabilities.  The cookbook consists of 7 recipes which can be downloaded individually or as a set.


Cookbook Description
PRISM Cookbook Recipe 1  Preparing a print article for use by an external partner
PRISM Cookbook Recipe 2  Preparing a print article for use by an internal partner
PRISM Cookbook Recipe 3  Preparing an article for use by an intranet search site
PRISM Cookbook Recipe 4 Preparing articles that have been published to multiple platforms for use by an external partner
PRISM Cookbook Recipe 5  Preparing web articles for use by an external partner
PRISM Cookbook Recipe 6  Preparing print articles with published corrections
PRISM Cookbook Recipe 7  Preparing articles using relationship elements
PRISM Cookbook  Complete set of articles

Other Resources:

  • Deadline Duel A  humorous PRISM case study
  • ICE for PRISM A white paper outlining automated syndication of PRISM content using ICE 
  • RSS Site Summary for PRISM 1.2
  • PRISM 1.2 RDFS