May 30, 2012

Press Performance: Metrics, Colorimetry and Best Practices


A 2-Part IdeasOnline Webinar Event

Press Performance: Metrics, Colorimetry, and Best Practices
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PART 1 - Wednesday, May 30
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Learn how modern colorimetry is used to supplement or replace historical densitometry in setting color aims and tolerances for graphic image reproductions.


Ray Cheydleur
X-Rite’s Global OEM technical
manager and color integration specialist, chairman of ANSI/CGATS SC3 on metrology, co-chair of the IDEAlliance Print Properties & Colorimetric Leadership Council

Dr. Danny C. Rich
Director of the Sun Chemical Color Research Laboratory in the Daniel J. Carlick Technical Center

There has been a strong shift in the methods and measurement tools -  including spectrodensitometers  - that print providers use to quantify how a press sheet looks for their customers.

This webinar will help you better understand the latest best practices and instruments needed to effectively measure press sheets and to easily communicate this data to your clients.


PART 2 - Thursday, May 31
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Learn proven best practices about press data collection and communication from the perspective of both printer and customer.


John Seymour

Principal Engineer - Research,



Eric Stohry
Graphic Arts Engineer, Hallmark


We will review the best practices associated with capturing and reporting performance data from two perspectives:

Printers Perspective:
• A description of the instruments to capture press data. You'll learn what data print providers are able to collect and what type of information can be quantified and shared with customers.
• A description of the press maintenance and press performance parameters over the length of a print run, including deviation, variation, press tolerances, and performance numbers vs. visual evaluation.
• A description of best practices for collecting relevant pressroom data including possible irrelevant for customers.

Customer's Perspective:
• What data does the customer really need to manage their business?
• What metrics are really superfluous?
• What's the relative value of data collected vs. visual evaluation?
• What's the best and most relevant form for customers to receive press performance data?
• How are customers getting too much information they don't need and not enough of what they truly do need?

Who should attend:

• Print and premedia production managers
• Print Media Buyers
• Color and Quality Managers and Press Metrics

Event Date

May 30, 2012