Why Members Belong

From Print Providers

Being a member of G7 and GRACoL resource teams has enabled us to be recognized as a leader and a "change agent" regarding advances in color measurement and the application of global color standards."
Marianna McSweeney, Director, Managed Services, Vertis Communications

Our participation in Idealliance has allowed us to convey and demonstrate to our customers that printing is based on science and that there is a trusted resource in the industry establishing the baseline for excellence in printing."
Jim LaForce, Prepress Manager, G7 Professional, Quartier Printing, G7 Master Printer

Access to the latest world-class industry trends and specifications, and networking with a broad knowledge base of companies and individuals, has been invaluable to my career."
Scott Vanden Boom, Customer Technical Support-Color Management, G7 Expert and CMP Master Trainer, Menasha Packaging Co., LLC

From Technology & Material Providers

Participating in Idealliance programs, studies, research and committees allow FUJIFILM to interact with vendors who we otherwise compete with, as well as consultants who offer valuable knowledge to the process. The result is a more informed direction the industry is moving and improved ability to communicate this direction to our valued clients."
Donald M. Schroeder, Director Solutions Development, FUJIFILM North America Corporation

The value in the annual PRIMEX Leadership Summit is the networking as well as the content of the program. Paper may not be the "hot" topic of the times but it is still the engine that drives the magazine, catalog and direct mail industries revenue, and will for years to come. This meeting addresses the core of our business."
George J. Doehner, President, Bulkley Dunton

Idealliance membership and participation has allowed us to show our technology to the premier companies, partners and consultants in our industry. It has allowed us to contribute in creating standards and best practices that serve our industry. Our participation has fostered a market perception of quality, technology, and expertise. We are fortunate to be able to collaborate in such a valuable forum."
Tom Gadbois, Color Graphics Specialist,Eizo Nanao Technologies

From Business Leaders

I received tremendous value from participation on the committee that set digital density standards. The actual testing of various options on various stocks and in different plant environments was a great lesson in the science of print. This and many other Idealliance programs provide invaluable contributions to the industry."
David Motheral, Co-Owner, Motheral Printing Co.

Having Idealliance and its affiliated groups as a resource for management and technical information has helped me and the companies I've been associated with stay at the leading edge of our industry. And just as important, is the ability to participate in the groups that develop the technologies, workflows, specifications and standards, which are the foundation of the premedia and printing industry."
Nubar Nakashian, President, Gotham Graphics

Best Practices are this industry's life blood. Idealliance has always been in the forefront, offering advice and counsel on the development and implementation of standards and best practices, helping the industry navigate through potential minefields to reach a consensus in a more timely and complete fashion. "
Alan Darling, Principal, Congruent Development

G7 and Print Properties Committee functions are illuminating for the industry. It is an honor to help take complex problems and make them simple."
Greg Imhoff, President / Director of Color, GRIPdigital / EPG

From Print Distribution Providers

The technical support that Idealliance brings to the United States Postal Service is invaluable. All publishers benefit from this partnership as well as the USPS. With the current economic condition, it is a testimonial to the value of Idealliance that we continue our membership and support its various programs."
Howard Schwartz, Executive Director Distribution Sourcing & Postal Affairs, Conde Nast

Idealliance is my connection to printers and shippers. These folks are my experts. They provide the current updates in our industry as well as the solutions to many industry problems. The Idealliance Print Distribution Conference has been the most educational conference available to me in my position."
Carole Janes, Director, Transportation, Kable Distribution Services

Idealliance provides an industry standard for exchange of information, an invaluable resource when it comes to postal issues."
Michael Winn, President, Greylock Associates, LLC