Established in 2005, the Idealliance Circle Award recognizes Idealliance Members for extraordinary contribution to the work of Idealliance Committees and Working Groups. Idealliance advances certifications, specifications and best practices by working across all partners in the media value chain from customers and users to suppliers and technology vendors to innovate. David J. Steinhardt, Idealliance President & CEO, said, “Our success is generated through our members – by their support and time. They move our industry forward by always raising the bar of excellence. The Circle Award recognizes the accomplishments of our members in service to the industry.” Nominations are made by Idealliance staff with selection by Idealliance Officers.

The following individuals have received the distinction:


Bruce Bayne, Alder Technology, Inc. – Led efforts major revision to test and submission forms for G7® Master
Shawn Baldwin, BCC Software LLC – Leadership to guide and expand Mail.XML with US Postal Service
Julie Furbee, RR Donnelley – Lead collaborative teams for Paper Transit Damage Working Group
Dai Ichikawa, Time Inc – Guide innovative industry initiatives utilizing and expanding PRISM®
Al Ivan, Verso Corporation – 15 Years of Leadership for papiNet® from its founding in 2001


Ron Ellis, Ellis Consulting – Guiding industry groundbreaking work of GRACoL/SWOP Working Group
Joe Schick, Quad/Graphics, Inc. – Leading collaboration between mailing association groups
Steve Smiley, Smiley Color – Guiding industry groundbreaking work of Print Properties & Colorimetric Council


Hye-Jeong Ahn, Graphic World (Korea) – Leading IDEAlliance Korea and Affiliate Program
Michele Donahue, Conde Nast Publications – Founding of Paper Transit Damage Working Group
Danny Rich, PhD, Sun Chemical Corp. – Leading technical support for color Working Groups


Ruth Stock, US Postal Service – Partnering with Mail.dat/XML Working Groups
Dave McDowell, NPES – Continuing service to CGATS and leadership in ISO


John Dougherty, Hearst Magazines – Founding Chair of PRISM Digital Image Working Group
Peter Meirs, Time Inc. – Founding Chair for eMedia21 and nextPub Working Groups
Tim Quinn, Nazdar Ink Technologies – Contribution on the application of G7 to digital wide format
Bob Schimek, BCC Software, Inc. – Leadership and development of Mail.dat® Working Group
Wallace Vingelis, Window Book, Inc. – Founding Co-Chair of Mail Software Development Group


Frank Holland, The Clark Group, Inc. – Leading development of Advance Ship Notice Specification
Richard Presley, Kodak Graphic Communications – Supplier leadership for color certification programs
Mike Rodriquez, RR Donnelley – Technical development of international color data sets
Mike Ruff, Nazdar – Launch of Screen Print Working Group and development of Specifications
Mike Winn, Greylock Associates, LLC – Advancing the barcode for the US Postal Service IMb


Rich Bobic, Palm Coast Data – Founding Chair of Fulfillment Operations Group
Mike Candemeres, Conde Nast Publications – Launching cooperative initiative with Canada Post Corporation
Bruno Iannicca, Canada Post Corporation – Inspiring partnering with Canada Post Corporation


Scott Bauer, Newsweek – Launching of newsstand initiatives with Logistics Committee
Debbie Cooper, Quebecor World Logistics – Founding Chair of Mail.XML Working Group
Joel Rubin – Leadership and service to SWOP and its transition to Idealliance


Dave Davis, Nationwide Midwest – Guiding and transitioning NMBFC as Idealliance Working Group
Gerry Gerlach, Integrity Graphics – Stewardship of GRACol® Specification and G7®
Nubar Nakashian – Guiding and transitioning SWOP into an Idealliance Working Group
Larry Steele, ASU – Technical development of color specifications
Phil Thompson, Quad/Graphics – Stewardship of Mail.dat® Specification


Don Hutcheson, Hutchcolor, LLC – Concepting and advancing G7®


Linda Burman, L.A. Burman Associates – Founding Chair of PRISM® Working Group
Joe Lubenow, Lubenow & Associates – Concept for Address Data Interchange Specification (ADIS)
Frank Montague, RR Donnelley – Developing of PROSE/XML and papiNet® Specifications
Laird Popkins, Pando Software – Founding Chair of the ICE Working Group
Larry Warter, FujiFilm – Leading of international color standards and Idealliance role globally

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