On July 1, 2016, Epicomm increased its membership base and expand its member service spectrum through a merger with Idealliance, a not-for-profit industry group that has been a leader in information technology and graphic communications since 1966.

From Idealliance President & CEO, David Steinhardt
“In our industry, change seems to be the only constant. Customers are consuming content in different ways. Advertisers and brands are changing their media spend. Physical and digital communications are evolving into orchestrated media. There are new demands on our workforce to train and retain talent. Technology and innovation are moving faster. Change must be embraced for professionals, organizations, and an industry to remain vital and forward-looking. As Associations, we must change as well, strengthening and diversifying our competences, transforming to meet the new challenges we face every day.”

From Epicomm President & CEO, Ken Garner
“Although the merger of NAPL and AMSP, which led to the formation of Epicomm, is just three years old, we moved forward with our merger with Idealliance because this combination offered an extraordinary opportunity to bring together two organizations that serve a common industry, have distinctive competences that complement each other rather than compete against each other, and who, together, are better positioned to serve our memberships today and long into the future.”

From Epicomm Board Chairman Tim Johnson and Idealliance Board Chairman Marriott Winchester
“Epicomm has long served printers, mailers, fulfillment, marketing, and owner-operated businesses with industry advocacy, management training and publications, research and economic studies, and a comprehensive slate of business-building solutions. Since 1966, Idealliance has advanced core technology to develop industry standards and best practices to enhance efficiency and speed information across the end-to-end digital media supply chain, both digitally and in print.
“Through their merger, we are creating a single, powerful resource that will deliver focused, effective programs and services to every member, regardless of size, specialty, or location, and drive solutions to address today’s—and tomorrow’s—industry dynamics through a combination of technical innovation and sound business strategy.

“We will move forward not just to combine our respective offerings but to create new programs and products to meet the current and future needs of every segment of our membership. And we will serve as a strong new voice for our industry, speaking out on issues that affect us all.

“Together we will advance the building blocks of each member and the industry—its people, management, technology, and workflow—and create a collaborative supply chain of content creators, producers, and distributors to meet customer demands today and tomorrow.

“We enthusiastically welcome everyone in the industry to join us as we work together to advance the future success of our members and our industry.”

Best Regards,

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At Idealliance, there’s no shortage of resources to help you keep up with the industry and get better, faster, and more efficient!

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Idealliance is a not-for-profit industry association, having served the graphic and visual communications industry since 1966.

About idealliance

Idealliance technical and business management best practices and specifications set the standards for the industry and are continually advanced through the ground-breaking activities of its collaborative member-driven Working Groups.

Peer Connection

Idealliance certifies the highest levels of performance in the creation, production, and delivery of graphic communications across the total supply chain, from content creator and brand manager to print, marketing, mail, and fulfillment services providers.

Skills Training & Certification

Idealliance offers specialized business management tools and services to help companies grow and improve profitability.

Business Development

Idealliance is a robust source of timely, dependable industry management and technical intelligence, provided through its periodicals and economic benchmarking reports.

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