The Donald A. Mumma Award honors excellence in industry-postal communications and collaboration to create a more competitive and efficient total mail supply chain

The Mumma Award is the highest award of distinction that Idealliance presents in the mail preparation and processing arena. The Mumma Award is a reminder that communication and collaboration between the US Postal Service and the industry are the key ingredients for our success.  The award is named for Donald A. Mumma, a US Postal Service mailing requirements manager at headquarters who exemplified a US Postal Service manager in the early 1980’s committed to customer focus and industry dialogue. He saw the advantage for both mailers and the US Postal Service to work together and was instrumental in launching the collaborative and worksharing approach between Idealliance and the US Postal Service. Throughout his many years of service with the US Postal Service, his legacy continued with those whom he mentored, fostering a continued spirit of industry collaboration and partnership. Donald Mumma died in 1983 and the Mumma Award was created in 1985.


2019       Angelo Anagnostopoulos, Gray Hair Software & Karen McCormick, US Postal Service

2018       Rose Flanagan, Data-Mail and Kevin Elkin, LSC

2017       Peter Furka, USPS

2016       Christopher Lien, BCC Software, LLC

2015       Lizbeth Dobbins, US Postal Service

2014       Howard Schwartz, Conde Nast Publications

2013       Chuck, Tricamo, US Postal Service

2012       Bob Schimek, Bell and Howell

2011       Jim O’Brien, Time Inc.

2010       Watt Bryan, RR Donnelley & Robert Galaher, US Postal Service

2009       Phil Thompson, Quad/Graphics

2008       Michael Winn, RR Donnelley

2007       Pritha Mehra, US Postal Service

2005       Marc McCrery, US Postal Service

2004       Anita Pursley, Quebecor World Logistics

2003       Larry Goodman, US Postal Service

Jack Widener, Newsweek

2002      Cheryl Beller, US Postal Service

2001       Joe Lubenow, Experian

2000      Barry Elliott, US Postal Service

1999       Joe Schick, Quad/Graphics

1998       Russell Shores, Brown Printing Co.

1997       Dan Minnick, Direct Marketing Technology

1996       Richard Funck, Meredith Corporation

1995       Anita Bizzotto, US Postal Service

1994       Robert Krause, US Postal Service

1993       Robert O’Brien, Time Customer Service

1992       Sig Guthman, Atlantic Envelope

1991       Peter Jacobson, US Postal Service

1990       James Schemmel, CDS

1989       Norman Scharpf, Graphic Communications Association

1988       James Pehta, LPC

1987       Coleman Hoyt, Reader’s Digest Association

1986       Peter Moore, Neodata

1985       Donald Dillman, US Postal Service

The Mumma Award is presented annually by Idealliance ( and the selection is made by a committee composed of past honorees.  For more information contact Tim Baechle at 703.837.1069 or

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