We are here to help you enrich your graphic communications supply chain from design to creative to production—through standardization, certification, and training across the globe.

      • Dick Ryan, Acting CEO, 703.837.1077
      • David Steinhardt, Managing Director, 703.887.7680
      • Jordan Gorski, Senior Vice President, 703.837.1096
      • Steve Ballinger, Senior Vice President of e-Commerce and e-Learning, 703.837.1068
      • Tara Bowman, Manager of Finance and Operations, 703.837.1088
      • Jeff Collins, Vice President of Business Development and Standards, 703.837.1062
      • Kelsey Fields, Manager of Certification and Training Fulfillment, 703.837.1093
      • Evelyn Helminen, Director of Media, Marketing and Communications, 703.837.1090
      • Dianne Kennedy, Director of Digital Supply Chain Workflow and Standards, 703.837.1061
      • Donna Komlo, Manager of Member Support and Services, 703.837.1060

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