idealliance_icon_advocacy_advancement_75x75Idealliance supports the growth and development of the industry through its foundations, awards, and advancement of the industry international and domestic standardization bodies such as: CGATS, USTAG and ISO.

Advancement | Idealliance influences the Federal Government, US Postal Service, and Domestic and International Standards Bodies, such as CGATS, USTAG and the International Organisation of Standardisation.

Circle Award | Recognizes extraordinary contribution to the work of Idealliance Working Groups

Idealliance Foundation |  Idealliance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established by Idealliance in 2005 to advance global educational, technical expertise, innovation, and transformative initiatives that prepare graphic communications professionals for the next generation of technology, workflows, standards, specifications, and global market trends to help guide them as they prepare to make their imprint on the industry.

Mumma Award | Honors excellence in industry-postal communications and collaboration in mail supply

Discontinued Awards

Soderstrom Society | A recognition organization for print, mail, and fulfillment leaders.

Innovation Excellence Award Recognizing those pioneering, leading, and advancing new technologies

John P. Zenger Community Service Medal Honoring exceptional community service

Global Advantage Program