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BIZLock® Cybercrime Protection has been created specifically to help mitigate and insure against todays evolving cyber and privacy risks. Every organization is at risk on multiple fronts of suffering a data breach or cyber incident – negligence, a rogue employee, stolen equipment, cyber extortion or a network security failure. If the proper insurance protection is not secured before a breach occurs, the future of the business will be in jeopardy due to extensive investigation, response and liability costs, not to mention damage to its reputation.BIZLock provides Idealliance members the expert assistance and financial relief needed to confront a data breach head on. With a host of value-added consultancy services available before, during and after a data breach incident; and cyber insurance in the event a breach occurs, BIZLock is the comprehensive and affordable solution members need to ensure a cyber incident does not challenge their future.

Discount Offering: Discounts are available by purchasing instantly/directly online at our cobranded partner site. For additional discounts, contact Idealliance’s Tyler Keeney at 703-837-1075. For members having annual revenues greater than $10 million, please send your request and contact details to  (BIZLock is owned and administered by Identity Fraud, Inc., the national online cyber insurance program administrator for AIG).

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