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We’ve made the point often in Idealliance State of the Industry research: While our gamut of opportunity continues to expand, our margin for error continues to shrink. New printing technologies and new services to complement print are creating transformative opportunity to satisfy a broader range of our clients’ communications needs, faster and more efficiently. But the competition for those opportunities continues to intensify as the internet and digitization redefine who does what, how, and for whom.

To excel we must get capital investment right. We must identify the investments that best fit our company, precisely define the value those investments offer clients and prospects, execute effectively enough to create that value, and keep getting better at all three because when “competition is everywhere,” as one State of the Industry participant aptly puts it, we are either improving or falling behind.

The Idealliance Printing Markets – Capital Investment Research Program was created to help us keep improving.

Participate in the Idealliance Printing Markets – Capital Investment Report™ to examine capital investment history and projections, and many other plans of the visual communications and media industry — valuable information for your business and worth $250, just for taking our survey.

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The research will be presented in a comprehensive Idealliance Printing Markets – Capital Investment Report and provided at no charge to survey participants (a $250 member value—$500 for non-members).

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Who Participates:

Owners, CEOs, presidents, executives, managers, anyone making capital investment decisions or influencing capital equipment decisions, anyone providing capital equipment to the visual communications and media industry.

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