CMP Premedia

Color Management Professional Premedia describes the principles of color management with a focus on both prepress and premedia processes, providing an excellent education on color management through the production workflow. CMP Fundamentals is a recommended prerequisite, as the learner should be familiar with basic color theory, graphic communication workflows and print production processes.

Who Should Enroll: Print, prepress, and premedia  production professionals and managers


Roy Bohnen, Epson


Lou Prestia, EFI


Steve Upton, Chromix

Course Lessons

Lesson #1: Color Management at the Print Stage
  • Applying color management for the output device
  • How to understand and achieve color expectations
  • How and when to use or ignore embedded profiles
  • Creating PostScript or PDF files with output in mind
  • Different flavors of PDF
  • Preflighting PDF files

Lesson #2: RIP Strategies for Color Managing Platesetters

  • Calibration vs. linearization
  • Impact of screening technologies on Color Management
  • Press Calibration - 3 strategies
  • Applying ICC profiles in the RIP
  • Device Link Profiles and their Application

Lesson #3: Color Management at the Input Stage 

  • Profiling Scanners
  • Profiling Monitors
  • Proper Color Management in Photoshop
  • Soft Proofing
  • Printer Driver Considerations
  • Making Profiles for Digital Cameras
  • Workflow options: RGB vs. CMYK
  • Digital Image Specifications

Lesson #4: Application Preferences and Color Settings 

  • Applying color settings and preferences within the premedia workflow including:
    • Photoshop
    • lllustrator
    • InDesign
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • QuarkXPress
  • Printing with and without Color Management Active

Lesson #5: RIP Strategies for Color Managed Proofing

  • What is a RIP ?
  • Drivers versus RIPS
  • RIP Qualification
  • RIP Calibration
  • RIP Characterization
  • RIP Conversion
  • Quality Assurance
  • Verifying a Color Proofing System

Lesson #6: RIP Strategies for Color Managing Large Format and Digital Presses 

  • Common wide format plotters, digital presses and associated RIPs
  • Color Output Problems
  • Impact of Screening and Resolution on Color Management
  • Understanding Calibration and Linearization
  • Characterization: Creating Media Profiles
  • UCR to optimize output
  • Quality Assurance of Media Profiles
  • Factors to consider when choosing a reference color space
  • Gamut limitations for color data and prints
  • Applying ICC profiles in the RIP
  • Configuring Rendering Intent Settings
  • Conformation and Process Control

Lesson #7: Repurposing Data 

  • Digital capture considerations
  • File sizes and resolution
  • Color space considerations
  • Assigning, converting, and embedding profiles
  • The advantage of an RGB Workflow

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Network Price: $295.00
Non-Member Price: $395.00