CustomerPulse™ will help you retain your customers, improve your online reputation, and drive more revenue


Idealliance is proud to partner with SurveyAdvantage and bring our members the benefits of their award-winning marketing service.  This is not another DIY online marketing tool.  CustomerPulse™ is a fully managed process that regularly gathers post-sales feedback via simple and brief email surveys, regularly drives your Google and online reviews, and helps you grow your business.  At only $99/mo plus one-time setup fee of $300, it’s simple, affordable, and effective.

SurveyAdvantage is has a decade of experience helping printers, sign and graphic companies improve their loyal customer base.  They work with most of the leading back-office MIS systems to make the feeback process work smoothly, and they do all the “heavy lifting” to set the service up and manage any changes over time.  The team at SurveyAdvantage is ready to help you out too, so give them a call or email to get started.


Julie Shaffer
Direct: (703) 837-1091


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