Idealliance 3D Diagnostic program offers business leaders access to vital tools to understand their company’s strengths and performance gaps in 10 critical business areas;

  1. Staff leadership & team alignment
  2. Transformational agility
  3. Selling capabilities & compensation
  4. Workflow automation
  5. Strategic growth plans
  6. Strategic planning
  7. Performance management
  8. Financial management
  9. Ownership transition
  10. Organizational leadership

The 3D Diagnostic program includes access to three key programs designed to provide a thorough understanding of your company’s performance and map a strategy for results.

  1. Your financial and operational performance: Use Leading Indicators benchmarking to provide a critical view of your performance over time and as compared to your peers.
  2. Your leadership and business management: Use the Management Plus questionnaire to mine for answers to key business metrics and receive a performance scorecard.
  3. Your customer’s perspective: Use the CustomerPulse™ tool understand how your customers view you as compared to your competition.

Complete the 3D Diagnostic Tool Set and walk away with a comprehensive 3D Action Plan that will enable your team’s progress toward management and performance excellence.


1. Leading Indicators

Compare your performance to industry and track your performance trends

Leading Indicators is a fully Web-based financial benchmarking survey of metrics, trends, and issues critical to print, mail, fulfillment, and marketing services providers. Leading Indicators offers a real-time profile of your company’s performance in essential areas, such as revenue growth, productivity, and profitability. It shows where your company is now so decisions can be based on the best information available today–not six months or a year ago.

Metrics tracked in the Leading Indicators program are relevant to companies of all types and sizes. The Leading Indicators program allows participants to both compare their performance with all participant results and track the trends in their own performance, showing–again, in real time–where they are leading the pack and where they are trailing, where they are heading up and where they are heading down. They can then build on strengths and address weaknesses, a must-do in an industry where, without exception, companies now either move forward–or fall behind.

Benchmarking Metrics

Participants access a table showing all-participants averages for the following metrics for the most recent month, year-to-date, and the same periods one year earlier. Metrics tracked include;

  1. Paper/Sales
  2. Value Added/Sales
  3. Spoilage-Rework Percentage
  4. Cost of Goods Sold/Sales
  5. Gross Profit/Sales
  6. Sales per Employee
  7. Payroll/Sales
  8. EBITDA/Sales
  9. Value Added per Employee
  10. Factory Payroll/Sales
  11. Receivables Days Outstanding
  12. Sales per Salesperson

Who Participates

Current participants include commercial printers, quick printers (independents and franchisees), specialty printers, providers of mailing services, providers of marketing services, and various “combination” companies. Annual sales range from less than $1 million to more than $200 million. Some are focused on a few core services; some are highly diversified.


You are encouraged to include Leading Indicators in your long-term management planning to take advantage of its trending benefits. For those in the 3D Diagnostic program, an Idealliance Ideadvisor reviews your Leading Indicator data over the phone with company executives, interpreting the report, and furthering your company’s 3D Action Plan.]

2. Management Plus™

Understand your performance metrics and develop an action plan for change

The Idealliance Management Plus™ questionnaire and assessment program provides a meaningful way for companies to benchmark their leadership and management performance against industry best practices. Every company, regardless of its size, specialty, or segment, can find value in benchmarking its performance. Complete the Management Plus benchmarking survey and gain the benefits of this proven management process.

The Management Plus questionnaire is geared specifically for companies in the graphic communications industry, and is updated as conditions change. The program provides a checklist-driven format for you to complete on your own, or with your management team. Areas surveyed include;

  1. Leadership and governance
  2. Human resources
  3. Strategic planning
  4. Marketing and sales
  5. Operations
  6. Community/industry relations
  7. Financial performance


By completing the Management Plus questionnaire you gain critical insight into areas where you should improve – and areas where you can pat yourself on the back. A written Management Plus Scorecard prepared by your Idealliance Ideadvisor brings hands-on assessment, identifying areas of work for you and your team, along with guidance based on your company’s unique situation.

3. CustomerPulse™ 

CustomerPulse™ will help you retain your customers, improve your online reputation, and drive more revenue


Idealliance is proud to partner with SurveyAdvantage and bring our members the benefits of their award-winning marketing service.  This is not another DIY online marketing tool.  CustomerPulse™ is a fully managed process that regularly gathers post-sales feedback via simple and brief email surveys, regularly drives your Google and online reviews, and helps you grow your business.  At only $99/mo plus one-time setup fee of $300, it’s simple, affordable, and effective.

SurveyAdvantage is has a decade of experience helping printers, sign and graphic companies improve their loyal customer base.  They work with most of the leading back-office MIS systems to make the feeback process work smoothly, and they do all the “heavy lifting” to set the service up and manage any changes over time.  The team at SurveyAdvantage is ready to help you out too, so give them a call or email to get started.

To register for the 3D Diagnostic Tool-Set, contact:

Julie Shaffer
Direct: (703) 837-1091




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