The Idealliance Management Plus™ questionnaire and assessment program provides a meaningful way for companies to benchmark their leadership and management performance against industry best practices. Every company, regardless of its size, specialty, or segment, can find value in benchmarking its performance. Complete the Management Plus benchmarking survey and gain the benefits of this proven management process.

The Management Plus questionnaire is geared specifically for companies in the graphic communications industry, and is updated as conditions change. The program provides a checklist-driven format for you to complete on your own, or with your management team. Areas surveyed include;

  1. Leadership and governance
  2. Human resources
  3. Strategic planning
  4. Marketing and sales
  5. Operations
  6. Community/industry relations
  7. Financial performance


By completing the Management Plus questionnaire you gain critical insight into areas where you should improve – and areas where you can pat yourself on the back. A written Management Plus Scorecard prepared by your Idealliance Ideadvisor brings hands-on assessment, identifying areas of work for you and your team, along with guidance based on your company’s unique situation.

Contact:Julie Shaffer
Direct: (703) 837-1091

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Idealliance is a not-for-profit industry association, having served the graphic and visual communications industry since 1966.

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Idealliance technical and business management best practices and specifications set the standards for the industry and are continually advanced through the ground-breaking activities of its collaborative member-driven Working Groups.

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Idealliance certifies the highest levels of performance in the creation, production, and delivery of graphic communications across the total supply chain, from content creator and brand manager to print, marketing, mail, and fulfillment services providers.

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Idealliance offers specialized business management tools and services to help companies grow and improve profitability.

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Idealliance is a robust source of timely, dependable industry management and technical intelligence, provided through its periodicals and economic benchmarking reports.

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