Idealliance offers its entire library of online training and certification programs to educate your entire staff for a single annual fee.

Total Training includes 24/7 access to ALL Idealliance online training and certification courses for one year (does not include G7 Expert Training). Also included are manager reports to track student activity and access to all course certification exams.

TOTAL Training includes:

  • MailPro Certification & Training
    • MailPro Fundamentals
      13 Lessons – 6+ Hours
    • MailPro Advanced
      10 Lessons – 11+ Hours
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Certification & Training
    • CMP Fundamentals
      12 Lessons – 4+ Hours
    • CMP Digital Print
      14 Lessons – 3.5+ Hours
    • CMP Offset Print
      15 Lessons – 3.5+ Hours
    • CMP Premedia
      6 Lessons – 2+ Hours
    • CMP Sales
      5 Lessons – 2+ Hours
    • CMP Creative
      16 Lessons – 2+ Hours
  • SalesPro Certification & Training
    • SalesPro Fundamentals
      12 Lessons
    • SalesPro Digital
      13 Lessons
  • HirePro Certification and Training
    11 Lessons
  • G7 Process Control Professional
    27 Lessons – 9+ Hours
  • Integrated Media Workflow Fundamentals
    14 Lessons – 5+ Hours

TOTAL Training is:

  • Access to all online training courses for one year
  • Manager reports to track student activity
  • Professional certification exams included
  • 100% online with 24/7 access and tablet/mobile support
  • Both skills training and Professional Certification

Benefits of TOTAL Training:

  • An opportunity to differentiate from the competition
  • Knowledge proven to reduce costs and increase revenue
  • Print media industry specific, proven best practice training
  • Developed by the industry’s leading experts

TOTAL Training allows the ability to target lessons and
courses to individual skill and educational needs.

TOTAL Training is an affordable strategy to educate multiple staff in continuing education on best practices proven to reduce costs and expand efficiency.

TOTAL Training offers managers the ability to track capabilities of their staff, ensuring a baseline of competency is always met.

Information contact: Steve Ballinger
Email:  Tel: 612.280.9095

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5 $520 $2,600
10 $480 $4,800
20 $430 $8,600
50 $400 $20,000
  • Non-members add $500 to your TOTAL Training order.
  • User changes made on an exception basis.
  • Includes access to new programming as added.
  • All users must be registered at time of purchase
[*For more than 50 or other block sizes, please contact or call 703.837.107o]


  • TOTAL Training includes access to all accompanying certification exams
  • Passage of 80% proficiency qualifies the user for professional certification and inclusion in the Idealliance database of certified experts.
  • Certificates are automatically generated and distributed via email upon successful completion of the course.
  • Upon successful completion you will be certified for 2 years. To maintain certification you must successfully complete a recertification training every two (2) years.


The Idealliance total training package enables our organization to receive training  from a professional organization, enriching our staff members knowledge. Training is flexible and can be highly tailored to individual needs and across different geographical boundaries. The manager’s login and monitoring helps us to track the progress by the individual. The Certification examinations also bring recognition and value to our organization and enhance individual career goals.  Hilary, Hoe, Application Specialist/Team Lead, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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