Working Groups and Committees

The backbone of Idealliance® is made up of active, forward-looking Working Groups and Councils composed of members from a wide range of disciplines. Idealliance groups provide an open environment in which members strategize, innovate, standardize and implement best practice solutions to real business challenges – from brand recognition and content creation, to multi-channel content distribution.



  • High-Speed Digital Print Production (HDP2) Working Group – Dedicated to the challenges and opportunities in digital high speed print production. Currently restricted to press manufacturers and DFEs. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography (GRACoL®) Working Group – Develops and publishes printing guidelines and best practices for sheetfed and offset lithography. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Brand Supply Chain Working Group – Supports brand owners seeking to effectively manage their media supply chains. Currently restricted to brand owner representatives. Contact: Steve Bonoff
  • Paper Transit Damage Working Group – Works cooperatively with paper companies, publishers, print service providers and railways to develop best practices and process improvement to reduce paper transit damage. Contact: David Steinhardt papiNet® Working Group – A global community involved in supply chain process and business transaction automation for the forest and paper industries. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Print Properties & Colorimetrics (PPC) Council – Responsible for printing, proofing and colorimetric evaluations, training, and specifications across print media segments and the development of international print standards. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Print Quality eXchange (PQX) Working Group – PQX is an XML format to facilitate transmission of performance data between print supply chain, allowing brand owners to assess and track relevant production and quality data. Contact: Dianne Kennedy
  • Specification for Web Offset Publications (SWOP) Working Group – Develops and publishes printing guidelines and best practices for the publication market. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Spot Color Halftone Metric Optimization (SCHMO) Working Group – Develops and conduct tests for international standards in spot colors for packaging markets. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • XBITS Working Group – Designs and maintains the standard XML eDocuments to facilitate bi-directional electronic data exchange. Contact: Email David Steinhardt


  • Alternative Delivery Working Group – Develops guidelines and best practices for alternative delivery supply chains. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Canada Mail Working Group – Seeks to enhance the entry of US mail into Canadian mailstream. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Fulfillment Operations Group (FOG) – Addresses the complexities of USPS regulations between fulfillment stakeholders and the U.S. Postal Service. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Mail.dat® and Mail.XML™ Working Groups – Develop and maintains the two key industry standards – Mail.dat and Mail.XML – in coordination with the US Postal Service that is the foundation for mail preparation today. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Mailing Software Development Group (MSDG) – Seeks to improve the mail technology supply chain by advancing automation, methodologies, workflows, and standards. Restricted to mail software technology companies. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Postal Operations & Technologies Council – Works to improve mail preparation, postal distribution, newsstand logistics and transportation through the application of information and supply chain technologies. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • Printers’ Operational Issues Study Effort (POISE) Working Group – Works cooperatively with the U.S. Postal Service to research and fix problems in the postal distribution supply chain. Contact: David Steinhardt


  • Digital Ad Lab® – Advances the agenda for advertisements across digital platforms for the advertising supply chain. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • eMedia21 Working Group – Forum to discuss and debate advances in content creation, use, and display for digital media. Contact: David Steinhardt
  • PRISM® Technology Council – Focuses on publishing technology implementation and adoption strategies to support magazine media publishing and specification development, including PRISM, PSV and OpenEFT, and serves as an incubator for new technologies that support integrated media workflows. Contact: Dianne Kennedy
  • PRISM® Video Working Group – Defines metadata vocabularies and supply chain best practices for video. Contact: Dianne Kennedy
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