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About the Guide to Print Production Version 20.1

Newly Updated and Revised—March 2020

  • A newly updated copy is available beginning March 25, 2020: Version 20.1 includes Leading Standards in Lighting

The Guide to Print Production is the graphic communications industry’s most comprehensive document of leading practices in print production and the most up-to-date specifications for printing and packaging, including GRACoL®, SWOP®, and G7®. It is published by Idealliance, and it provides incredible education into all aspects of the printing and packaging supply chain starting with design and design intent and going all the way through production.

We provide this guide as a free download in order to share new ISO standards, new characterization datasets, and the most up-to-date specifications in printing, lighting, viewing and measurement, as well as a tremendous amount of new leading practices to help advance the entire industry forward.

The 110-page guide is available now as a FREE downloadable PDF.

Idealliance Guide to Print Production

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Who It’s For

This Guide to Print Production is for

  • Those who work in color quality and supply chain management
  • Anyone in the graphic communications industry
  • Graphic designers
  • Brand managers
  • Anyone who manages quality in printing and packaging
  • Prepress technicians
  • Those who seek to further themselves and their business

The Guide to Print Production is free and relevant to everyone in the printing and packaging supply chain.

Table of Contents

  1. Intro: What’s New in v20
  2. The Essentials: What it all means
  3. G7: What is G7?
  4. GRACOL AND SWOP: Characterized Reference Printing Conditions
  5. Creative Workflow: Leading Practices for Creatives
  6. Prepress Workflow: Leading Practices for Production
  7. Proofing: Leading Practices in Hard & Soft Proofing
  8. Leading Standards in: Lighting
  9. Print Manufacturing: Process Control in Print Production
  10. Standards Charts: Standardized Printing Guidelines
  11. Cross Media: Six Stages of an Integrated Workflow
  12. Idealliance: Certifications
  13. Idealliance: Locations Around the World
  14. ECG: Idealliance ECG Program Overview
  1. CRF: Putting Numbers to the Visual Match
  2. New Initiatives in Print: The Work of Idealliance
  3. IT8.7/5 (TC1617x): A Better Target For Profiling & Characterization
  4. XCMYK: Making the Most of CMYK
  5. TR016: Quality Management for Today
  6. Spectral Measurement Conditions Defined: The “M” Factor
  7. SCTV, Specifying Spot Color Across the Supply Chain: ISO STANDARD 20654
  8. G7®: Master Pass/Fail Requirements
  9. BrandQ: Brand Color & Supply Chain Management
  10. Lighting Proof to Press Matching: Dealing with Metamerism Failures
  11. Universal Digital Print Space
  12. Idealliance: Print Properties & Colorimetric Council

What’s New in Version 20

The Guide to Print Production is a living, breathing document of our work that we continually update. Since the Idealliance Guide to Print Production 13 was published, there have been a number of new initiatives, including new print conditions, ways to calibrate and specify spot colors, and better ways to communicate print data between print quality systems.

Here are some of the projects detailed in V20 that the Idealliance Print Properties Council has completed or are are currently working on:

  • Expanded Gamut Printing
  • G7 and ICC Profiling
  • Working with Spot Colors
  • Updated Paper Calculation Spreadsheets
  • New CRPC’s including the Universal Digital Database
  • XCMYK (plus traditional multicolor expanded color gamut)
  • IT8.7/5 (TC1617)—Characterization Chart
  • CxF (ISO 17972)
  • PQX/PRX (ISO 20616-1 and ISO 20616-2)
  • CGATS TR016-2017
  • CRF – Cumulative Relative Frequency
  • G7 Master Pass/Fail Document 2019
  • SCTV: Spot Color Standard (ISO 20654)
  • BrandQ: Communicating Quality
  • CGATS 21: Dataset Access and updated IT8.7/5 (TC1617) Datasets
  • Updated Paper Calculation Spreadsheets
  • A newly updated copy is available beginning March 25, 2020: V20.1 includes Leading Standards in Lighting

The Guide to Print Production is published by Idealliance, the leading standards, specifications, and certifying body in the industry.

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